US National Weather Service Reno Nevada: After an above average snowfall in December, northern California and the Sierra Nevada Mountains have experienced an exceptionally dry start to 2013. A strong ridge of high pressure dominated the weather pattern allowing only a few relatively small storms into the area.
The graph shows the total accumulated precipitation for 2013, the average precipitation, and the driest period on record for January and February in Tahoe City. The average precipitation for January and February in Tahoe City from 1910 to 2013 is 11.24 inches. The driest January/February on record was 1991 with only 1.34 inches of precipitation, while the total precipitation for January and February in 2013 was only 0.76 inches.
The precipitation record in Tahoe City goes back over 100 years and is part of the National Weather Service Cooperative Observer (COOP) Program. Thanks to all our COOP observers, without which these type of records would not be possible.

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  1. Gonna get killed says:

    Tahoe sure is better than CO and the East Coast…oh wait

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fucking Global Warming! All Bush’s fault!

  3. keep Tahoe blunted says:

    Miracle March mufuggas

  4. FlowingAlpy says:

    It was dryin the pnw too, not sure of official numbers but it had to have been one of the driest February’s on record around Washington.

  5. CB says:

    And highs in the 50′s this week oh lerdy

  6. Colin says:

    Need another March like March 1991.

  7. Tahoe is awesome but the seasons are hit and miss it seems now, 2 years ago we were killing it. But it’s spring time now it seems, 55 degrees in Truckee this weekend! Just saw the SF news last night predicting next year to be dryer and hotter than normal as well. I’ll be moving up north after that, gimme some consistent Northwest pow please. On the flip side the Tahoe sunshine is better than grey everyday..

  8. pj says:

    Nice you should go north.Just wait another week.When it dumps it dumps and change is coming.Patience is everything.

  9. PowderSkier says:

    Cold smoke powder here in the Rockies!

  10. Eric Harger says:

    I’m gonna go wash my car. And burn stuff. Whatever it takes to get some precip.

  11. Turd Ferguson says:

    Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse than last year…

  12. Heavy says:

    Good thing you guys all rip so hard out west so you can blast the fingers and chimney when it is all iced out and has no snow.

  13. mdskier says:

    Make sacrifices to Ullr

    I was in Tahoe 1st 2 weeks of February. Not very good.

  14. pine tree says:

    Cal trans kills.. no snow or precipitation in two months yet we have had consistent magnesium sulfate/ white liquid = toxic dust.
    dumped on all our roads = in our air/water and lungs/homes. Save Lake Tahoe! and the sierras
    stop cal trans the biggest polluter in the state.
    Snow equals health.we all agree. The highway dept. could spend the annual budget clearing snow instead of duping pollutants, to keep the budget train spending.
    Anybody have any ideas? how to slow down the state highway dept. from ruining this region.. maybe this can be calving event we can all avoid.

  15. Bitches says:

    {Yawn}, Week 2 of face shots out here in the east…

  16. HaytinHater says:

    Dope skiing in the rockies! Hahah cali boys


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