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Schweitzer's Snowpack Sets New Record

Schweitzer Mountain Resort has received over 180 inches of new snow so far this season. This is the deepest early season snowpack on record for the Idaho ski resort. In fact, the resort has already received more than half of its average annual snowfall of 300 inches.

“Simply put, it feels like February,” said Ski Patrol Director, Arlene Cook. “When you can’t count the number of powder days you’ve had in December, you know it’s been a good season.”

From everything we can find, daily snow reports at Schweitzer first began being tracked in the 76/77 season, however they didn’t include summit or village snow depths until the 83/84 season. Daily, year-to-date, snow totals weren’t calculated until the 01/02 season.As of this morning, Schweitzer has received 181 inches of snowfall this year (129 of them fell in December!), has a 77 inch village depth and 109 inch summit depth. That makes this a Record-Breaking season so far! http://bit.ly/RiM41Z



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