Salomon Freeski TV S6 E5 - Vuelo (Chilean Andes)

Salomon Freeski TV from the Chilean Andes.

Salomon Freeski TV S6 E5 – Vuelo

Alexi Godbout, Vincent Gagnier, and Leo Ahrens travel halfway around the world to feed their hunger for flight on skis. When they arrive, they find the same passion in the eyes of the kids living at the foot of the Chilean Andes.


  • jf

    Wow… i think they dragged out about 15-seconds of real time skiing to 6 minutes with all the slow motion shots. BORING

  • chet

    that was like one really long fucking intro…..boring

    WTF though?! you have a few really talented dudes in a great places and you chop up the edit with kite flying?


  • Anonymous


    With the millions of ski vids out there all edited to hip hop, this was a breath a fresh air. I like how you slowed down the tricks, it gives the grabs the respect they deserve. On the contrary to above comments, I thought this edit was anything but boring. I get more bored with the traditional 50 tricks per minute edits.

    Great skiing
    Good theme (the desire to fly)

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