The Current State of Squaw Valley


Avalanche control and an early morning announcement by Squaw Valley that the resort would be opening Granite Chief made for a promising start to the day. However, rain to the summit made for a soggy day better suited for staying indoors than heading out and getting soaked. The snowpack, with its 4 inches of new snow, was completely saturated making the skiing very sticky. One skier described it as “completely isothermal and gunky, funky, nasty, manky, and tear-your-knee-off”. All day long you could hear the creeks and streams flowing below the snowpack which is never a good sound in early December.

Lower mountain looking very thin.

Milky conditions on upper mountain.  

 The skiing could have been great if not for all the moisture. 

Things got so ugly that the ski patrol had to bust out the rescue raft. 


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  • AM

    C’mon TK, it wasn’t that bad! Classic Sierra cement, but great to ski some different terrain. Granite chairline and Shirley lines we’re way fun.

  • carl

    ok so here’s a would you rather, not that its realistic or anything, but i just kinda wanted to see what people thought. would you rather A) receive a guaranteed, constant 3-5″ every night during the season (lets say from now until mid april? this would add up to at least the 450″ average) with sub freezing temps (20-30 degrees, again not very realistic that this would happen EVERY day but its just a would you rather). oh and it only snows at night so everyday is bluebird.
    B) have 2 big dumps/ month of lets say 4-6′ (so it could be every two weeks, or it could happen on back to back nights and leave you bone dry for the next 28 days) . the weather would remain the same temperature wise and in terms of sunshine (just the precipitation is controlled).

    so again, i understand this is not realistic, but i was just bored and thought i’d see which scenario people prefer more.

    • carl

      oh and the snow in both A and B is as wet or dry as it is in the region you live in (so wet on the coast, and lighter more in the rockies)

    • Bosco

      Ok I’ll play. I choose option A. Big dumps are fun but the snow under the first two feet is just wasted cause you’re not skiing in it. Six inches can make the mountain surprisingly good. It’s powder but you can still ski agressively through it, and fast.

  • Rufus bluejeans

    The real question is why has there not been one single post about the current conditions of granlibakken?

  • webhandle

    Conditions were epic at Woodward today. The tramps were extra bouncy today and the foampits recently fluffed.

  • Elev6200

    Last time I checked, winter doesn’t start for nearly three more weeks. Check the testosterone and hike to the top.

  • Blair

    I had fun. Not a super great day or anything but still funner than sitting at home. Maybe its because i was drinking beer or maybe its because snowboarding is always fun, even if it is raining. Thanks for opening more terrain Squaw! Keep up the good work.

  • dingosean

    …I don’t care how sticky or ‘isothermal’ (whatever that means) the conditions are.

    I’d trade a lot to be there rather than procrastinating on a stupid gradschool paper.

    • Hey NOWWWWWW

      ….better yet be glad you didn’t have to tear down and rebuild a chimney in Cleveland while trying to figure out how to get back to Squaw without pissing off the wife…..too much.

  • Delani

    Seriously what’s with all the complaining? after such a shitty season last year you would think people would be stoked on this year. the upper mountain already has almost 30% of its average annual coverage. I had a great time on granite chief today, and saw lots of people out with their buddies, dropping cliffs and drinking beers. surely they weren’t having a shitty day. when i got home i even saw some instagram posts about how much fun people had out there today despite the heavy snow. obviously the lower mountain isn’t in good condition, but people should be thankful that the top is open and well covered! its a great start to the year and isn’t gonna be like last season at all.

      • First Chair Last Call

        Word! Yesterday was a blast on granite…shhhh, best day of the year so far. Others keep whining and leave the mountain for us people with stoke. Over a dozen good days in Tahoe already……go blah blah back to_________

  • rideBN

    hopefully all this warm weather pushes through for good… at least until may or so..

    and dont forget… the sierras suck! so stay in your own state and ski!

  • Ski Both

    belafonte I think they were just trying to give a current report for the whiners who were complaining about not getting snow reports yesterday. I guess you can’t make eveyone happy all the time, including you as you seem to be whimpering too. LOL

  • belafonte

    OMG Squaw!!! how could you?!?! Whyy do you already have more snow then you did all of last year?! When it’s good they bitch, when it’s bad they bitch. Call the fucking whammmbluance Unofficial. Your wimpers are getting fucking annoying.
    This was two damn days ago:

    Suck it up.

  • phil

    It’s all good. It even rained at Alta, so this weather is warm but it won’t continue. It just needs to do this every now and then, and it will pass. Hang in there, and stoke the fire today.

  • Blown Away

    Wow!!! Another post about the conditions at Squaw. Is this a sign of things to come? Is UN actually going to get back on track and post things skiers care about? Daily updates! keep up the good work.

    Oh yeah….. I forgot that posting on this site requires a little friendly sh!t talking so here it is…

    The Sierras suck so stay in Utah or Canada or wherever you other posers are from.

    • joe

      agreed. and i wouldn’t expect a full post everyday but what happened to the twitter feed with conditions, whats good, whats bad coming from someone that is on the mountain?

      • BoGnar

        Fuck twitter you nerd. Go out and get your ass a little wet and you will know the conditions.

    • Anonymous

      “The Sierras”???? Get the fuck out of here and back east where you belong! Its the Sierra you uneducated shmuck!

      • kettle caller

        I’ve lived here my whole life and never heard it called Sierra singular. Sierra Nevada Mountains (plural) shortened eqauls ‘The Sierras’, maybe you should move back to where you came from… ass.

      • Black Pot

        Took a science class in college from a professor who literally wrote the book on The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Hottie next to me in class called it the “Sierras” and he went on a 20 minute rant about how it is one mountain range…just saying.

      • Altaho

        You are right. Must have had the same professor but I was in college in the sixties and was a lifty and found it necessary to correct the uneducated. It is one range the Sierra Nevada

      • Black Pot

        ” Basey’s Sierra Nevada Textbook: A Complete Reference for the Sierra Nevada Student” Took his course in Yosemite..dude knows his stuff.

    • skisquaw

      We get an average of 450 inches of snow at Tahoe… Colorado averages 350, which means we ski more pow. End of story.

    • emeraldbay

      In the words of Dan Aykroyd… Blownaway, you ignorant s lut. You don’t have a Lake like Tahoe nor anything even close. Butt, your skiing is always awesome. Butt, when our pow is like yours, you’re in the slums and don’t know it. Ignorance is bliss… only in YOU’RE mind! BTW, When you grow up… Park City is better than CO!

      • Shralper

        Dude (blownaway) grew up in the “sierra”…skis Way better than you, and is out there everyday. Let me guess, you live on Fannie Island and are a Tahoe local your whole life…probably not, so go shred Park City and leave Tahoe to the peeps who actually know and love it.

    • Heckler Hilken

      Looks like I’m going to have to spend the winter over in Europe. Forecast for the next 10 days is bone dry. Break out the Speedo and get your tan on.

      • Mr. Chamonix

        yeah, well just stay the F out of France you f-ing pppposer, pppposeur, ppppposter child,,,,,

        so, I sssssstuuuuuuuuuuuuutter

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