Looking for a pair of climbing skins? Check out the Black Diamond climbing skins, some of the best on the market.



Black Diamond Ascension Climbing Skins | Unofficial Gear Review

black diamond climbing skins

Buy your pair of Black Diamond Climbing Skins at evo.com

If you plan to climb mountains, your going to need the right tools to do so.  With Black Diamond Climbing Skins, you’ll have shoes for your skis that will get you up the hill quickly, work efficiently, and glide exceptionally.


  • Widths Offered: 80, 95, 110, 125, 140
  • Weight: 751 Grams

Area of Expertise:

  • Soft Snow, spring corn, climbing mountains

Life Span:

  • Treated well, a long, long time

The Black Diamond climbing skins are all about function.  The toe clip is ultra easy to use and compatible with most skis on the market; it is even adjustable to accommodate the wider skis on the market today.  And, in the event of a wire failure down the road (in rare cases they can snap), it is a breeze to rig up a new toe clip using a hanger (or other miscellaneous supplies around the house or in your pack) to replace the wire and get your skins up and running again.  The standard tail clip of the BD climbing skin can be a bit difficult to get to stay in place with rounded twin tip skis, but once you get it locked in place it will be good to go for the duration of the hike.  Also, if your glue is in decent shape,  the tail clip is not an absolute necessity – your skins will stay happily stuck to your skis without it.

Black Diamond Climbing Skin

Black Diamond climbing skins glide well on the flats, and with a bit of skin wax they will continue to glide well for years to come.  The synthetic nylon material won’t break down, even with the large amounts of high alpine abuse.  Removal of your skins on fatter skis is made easier with the middle portion of the skin containing no glue.  This strip saves weight and makes it much easier to peel your skins when you get to the top of your run.  If you’d like to maximize the life of your skins, be sure to use the included Skin Savers.

Offered in a wide range of widths, Black Diamond has a pair of skins that will work as a perfect match for your skis.  They don’t come with pre-cut skins, as some companies such as K2 offer, but this allows you to cut your skins to your exact liking.  You new climbing skins will come with a tool to cut your skins, but it’s recommended to use a straight edge razor for greater ease of use.  By cutting your skins yourself, you get the exact fit you want for your skis.

If your looking to venture into the backcountry for the first time, or if your a seasoned pro, the Black Diamond Ascension Climbing Skins will be with you for the duration of the hike, and won’t let you down.


  • BIG O

    This review sucks. Anyone who works in the industry knows the split skins perform the worst in the climbing department. Then to suggest an easy fix using a coat hanger? Use the skin savers if you want little black specs of skin saver to permanently adhere to the glue. Try reviewing a new product rather than stoking people on something that shops are having a hard time getting rid of. Like the new glueless skins that 4Frnt uses, Gecko I think.

    • Kyler

      Hmmm… I don’t like your tone Mr. Big O.

      I have BD Ascension Skins and I personally love them.

      Also, I do work in the Industry here in the Wasatch and the BD Ascension skis are actually extremely well suited to climb in our amazing snow conditions.

      AND… I use the skin savers that come included and I don’t have any black specs on my skins.

    • brian

      split skins can mean 2 things. for the new bd ascensions, it means they have a strip of nonstick tape (that you can remove) up the middle of the glue side of the skin. the fur side is solid, so no difference in climbing ability.

      also, the new version (with the logo pattern) uses a cheat sheet made of plastic instead of that old (and horrible- youre right) fabric weave shit that comes apart

      shops are getting rid of the old solid colored skin with the shitty cheat sheet because they now have the new, better version

  • GNAD

    Have you even used these? This isn’t a review, this is a regurgitation of information. Surely if evo.com can pony up some cash to get you to write reviews like this they can certainly afford to send you a set of skins to demo so you can actually create your own content for this website.

  • anyone?

    is it true that skins savers dry out the glue? sure its a bitch to rip them without but why sell the product with something that causes failure in the end?

  • BIG O

    Yeah, Ive used for years in the Wasatch and now in Tahoe. Sorry for the bad tone. Seemed like a lame plug for evo about a product thats nothing new and the split skins do suck. So what. Go Pats!

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