Squaw Valley: Wettest Day of The Year By Far

So here we are. It’s November 16th and Squaw Valley is officially open!

Early season storms have provided for a great start as you’ll see from Brennan’s State of The Backcountry update. But forget earning your turns, the lifts are spinning.

With a storm in the forecast we were all hoping to wake up to a bit of the white stuff. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but at this point in the season beggars can’t be choosers. On the menu today was Red Dog and Resort Chair. You could tell where the new snow making equipment had been blowing and in places coverage was good, but not so much in other spots.

The ride up Red Dog was WET. Rain stopped at about 10:40 and held off for a while. Prior to that it was a drizzling all the way to the top and it seemed like some heavier precip moved in as we got into the afternoon.

Looking out towards the lake. People were stoked even with the snow levels higher than anything we could see.

The coverage in places was spotty at best. Don’t even think of taking out that new board or skis.

More spotty coverage seen from Resort Chair.

Back on Red Dog, Squaw had crews out shoveling snow in spots. Tis’ the season!

Looking up KT from Red Dog was sight for sore eyes.

All in all it was good to be back on the lifts and making turns again, even though the weather was far from ideal. Let’s hope for good storm this weekend to help us along.

How was your day?


  • Boulderado

    I had a good time. Short and sweet. 8th or 9th chair up while it was just cloudy; 3 runs before getting kinda soaked, 3 more to total saturation. Done!
    Usual suspects early: Cheryl, Andy, David, etc.; couple other people I know but memory loss kept me from remembering their names, just a “hey, I know you” eye contact and head nod…you know what I’m talking about.
    Interesting 1st lap back to the front on Red Dog with the patrol girl warning to slow down on the Far East Flats…who knew the crew’d be throwin shovels of snow on the run (right next to the snow guns…hmm)?
    Still, nice to be back on a chair and skiing again. WAY better than last years early carnage!

  • HaytinHater

    Hahaha. Sounds awesome! Rain and skiing on dirt. Lmao. Yall are hardcore. Hardcore wannabee skiers. Rain rain rain and heavy wet shit “snow” hahahah. Try jackson.

    • Guy

      Man, more and more d bags seem to be coming out of the wood work in Jackson. I’m not from Tahoe or Jackson, but my old impression was there’s folks from both that can rip, but it was the Cali crowd that was load and in your face while the Jackson crowd wasn’t much of a crowd but a shut up and rip no one cares to hear your ego rants. Turns out a little forum chatter can bring out the “i’m better than you” mantra in anyone. Not to be a dick but shouldn’t there be a thread on unofficial about the possibility Jackson won’t open on time due to lack of snow?

      • freak

        this dude is a serious wierdo who thinks he is a good troll , probably lives in new jersey and parents took him to jackson one time. As far as the jackson crowd this loser is a crowd of one

    • Stiffie McGnar

      Yeah, try Jackson already. Pay 4 times as much for a season pass and get only 4 months of skiing with a 50 inch base all year. Keep pretending to be a big mountain skier. I am guessing Jackson hasn’t spun the lifts this season. Oh yeah, it’s not December yet.

    • Andy H

      That would be a difficult thing to accomplish considering that Jackson isn’t open right now…

      Haytin without a cause.

    • AndywhotheFcares

      Hey Haytin,

      I’ve got you so figured. You don’t live in Jackson, only wish you did obviously, and you have too much local knowledge of recent events in and around Tahoe.

      So, I’m calling you out, HECKLER,,,,, haaha, your alter ego is Haytin and quite lame….
      see ya in lift line in the rain,,,,,

  • pj

    getting a little tired of all the negative comments , glad my crew had a good time. The negative shit is lame,try to just enjoy life on its terms,just making yourselves look bad.Even shook andy wirths hand and thanked him for getting it open early.Ski season is open

  • alwayssomethingtobitchabout

    since when do the lower mountain lifts open before the uppper mountain ones? you know that area west of red dog that gets and holds way more snow? outside mag. #1 resort? who did andy suk off for that title?

    • Andrew

      There are a lot of things about Squaw mountain ops that leave my scratching my head. The snow level is hovering at 7000 feet, lets go ski the parts of the resort that are above that rather than two lifts that top out around that. Early season on Red Dog makes no sense.

  • JayT

    They opened early – kind of hard to bitch at this point. Plenty of wet base-building snow on the way these next few days.

  • yo

    It would be nice if they could focus on opening the upper mountain rather than the lower for early season. It might cost a little more but the skiing would be way better

    • Albert Einstein

      It doesn’t take a genius to know that as soon as the upper mountain is open. UN will have topic after topic, after topic on said chimney………..wait for it.

  • Agent P

    Rock skis were rockin. Had fun anyway. Let em see, go ski or stay home and whine, skiing was the call. Brought a change of clothes. All was good.

  • bleeee

    I may be sour b/c I live in Colorado… I’m definitely sour because I live in Colorado… but why do you fools ride Squaw in the rain?

    On second thought, y’all should keep whining about KSL, share stories of getting soaked while skiing, and leave Kirkwood alone to the 10 people that ride it.

  • snowmonster

    Where is the or sunday or monday report? It is my understanding a good storm came through sat night. What was the outcome?

  • First chair last call

    Where is Unofficialsquaw? Or better yet thank you for not letting everyone know before it, how sweet Sunday was…oh that’s right…shh…8” fresh top red dog, bs 3′s off 10ft cliffs, 7′s off cat tracks. But stay home and whine so we can have it; especially when the top opens…Thanks; but will someone give us a report already…

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