Farmers Almanac, Winter Weather prediction, outlook, forecast for the 2012/2013 Winter season. Normal Cold and Snow for the United States.



Farmers Almanac Winter Weather Prediction / Forecast for 2013


Famers Almanac Winter Weather Map for 2012/2013 


Here is a look at the Farmers Almanac Winter prediction for the 2012/2013 winter ski season. Will it be a cold winter with lots of snow or a warm winter season with very little precipitation? Find out here with the Farmers Almanac winter outlook for this upcoming winter of 2013. 

After a year of unprecedented warmth – both during the winter and summer months – the great debate over whether or not Old Man Winter will return with a vengeance is on.

Last winter was the fourth warmest for the contiguous 48 since record keeping began in 1895, with 24 states experiencing below-normal precipitation. In fact, California experienced its second driest winter ever. In only 10 states—chiefly across the nation’s midsection— was winter precipitation above normal.

The situation became critical this past spring and summer with broiling hot temperatures across much of the country and the most severe drought conditions the nation has seen in more than 50 years.

For the coming season, we’re predicting that winter will return to some – but not all – areas. We think it will be a “winter of contraries, as if Old Man Winter were cutting the country in half. The eastern half of the country will see plenty of cold and snow. The western half will experience relatively warm and dry condition. In other words, as in the political arena, the climate this winter will render us a nation divided.

We predict that real winter weather will return to areas from the Great Lakes into the Northeast. Most eastern states – as far south as the Gulf Coast – will see snowier than normal conditions and cooler temperatures. Keep Reading at

Links to other Winter Weather Snow Predictions for the 2012 /2013 season can be found below.

  • Fuckmorons

    Some of y’all are stupid….if it accurate at all it’s good…back in the day,they only had the clouds to go by…that’s NOTHING compared to what we have. All the Almanac it is a crap ton of predictions.

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    Monitoring is best done when you have a couple of data to compare. A lot of blood pressure monitors have huge memory banks storing about 80 or more readings. If you’re going to buy a blood pressure monitor that’s so hard to use then might as well stick with sphygmomanometer and stethoscope.

  • Maya Alrimawi

    Hello, what is the weather report in UAE? January 2013! Please tell me!!!

    I appreciate if you tell me.

    Thank you. :)

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  • Kyle

    I seem to see about a 50% accuracy. Last winter was way off! It was warm, much above normal, very dry, dryest winter in decades.. they predicted cold and snowy. Summer was hot and dry, they predicted cool and dry.. 2012 came at a 20% overall accuracy. Very poor predictions for 2012. I buy them to see how close they come.

  • eric

    Acording to the almanac above it looks like for NW new mexico it will be dry and central new mexico will be wet. This is wrong, the whole state is going to be warm and dry all winter long!

  • eric

    We are basically a repeat of last year’s La Nina dry winter trend! Actually for New Mexico where I live 2010/2012 winter was very dry but also cold. 2011/2012 was still a La Nina winter but central New Mexico got a few good storms dumping in the Sandia Mtns. I predict New Mexico’s winter for 2012/2013 is actually going to be even drier than 2010/2011 winter even though we technically are no longer in La Nina! The way El Nino started and than imidiately shut off in September of this year tells me that we basically are in some sort of continued La Nina-like state! Colorado and New Mexico are going to experiance the driest winter on record(mark my words) for 2012/2013! Farming in either of these states will be destroyed and water will need to be rationed! We bassically are headed for a decade-long or longer drought!

    • Anonymous

      i agree with you they are predicting a worse fire season than new mexico suffered the year of 2012, lets wait and see, my job depends on the weather.

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  • Raquel

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    going to return yet again since i have book-marked it.
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  • Nathan Snyder

    For the summer we had in western Pa. we need
    all the snow we can get. Although 1 inch of rain equals
    10 inches of snow. with El Nina in control again this year
    I think we are going to have more snow than last year
    for sure.

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  • Anthony

    Farmer’s winter outlook is a bunch of crap. Many other weather sites are calling for above normal snowfall for the mid atlantic region.

    Even the Eyewitness NEWS and accuweather is calling for a snowy winter for the east coast as well.

  • Agent P

    Here is my very accurate weather prediction:
    1. We will get periods of warm dry weather.
    2. We will get periods of cold dry weather.
    3. We will get periods of warm wet weather.
    4. We will get periods of cold wet weather.
    5. We will get periods where all happen interchangeably in a weeks period.
    6. My girlfriend will miss her period. Road trip to Jackson till she figures out she got here dates mixed up.

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  • price

    new york geting lots of snow .yes. Farmer’s almanac, accuweather and the weather channel all predicted a lot of snow because of weak el nino so that means the northeast U.S will get a lot of snow hurray.

    el nino means warming of pacific waters
    la nina means cooling of pacific water

    The stronger the la nina or the weaker the el nino the more snow and cold we get. It also make the the jet stream and high pressure ridge stay a certain way

    • Socratic Oaf

      The stronger the la nina or the weaker the el nino the more snow and cold we get. Never a miss communication.

      You can’t explain that!

  • Anthony

    Thats bullshit for the mid atlantic. every other weather web site is calling for pretty much ABOVE average snowfall, not mix precip.
    Even accuweather is predicting it, too!

    • MissingToof

      Yeah! This is BULLSHIT!

      I don’t want any other predictions besides the ones that say what I want to hear!

      Additionally, I only want to hear opinions that reinforce the life choices, purchases, and beliefs that I already have committed to.

      Besides Accuweather is Accurate. I mean, half the word is in their name… you can’t just put that in your name if it isn’t true.

  • weather geek

    Curious, I looked up how accurate the Farmer’s Almanac is. Here’s what wikipedia says:

    “independent studies that retrospectively compare the weather with the predictions have not shown them more accurate than chance.”

    • Anonymous

      And we all know Wikipedia is without fail always true, complete and honest as written by the unknowns who write it!

  • jo

    the long blocking high pressure ridge sitting there like that last year was a freak occurrence, and even in a mild winter we should get more snow than last.

    • Anonymous

      Circa 04-05 season.

      October 15th 3 + feet of snow.

      Slaying pow before halloween was sick with and with a may 31st squaw closing date….

      Farmers almanac didn’t predict that stellar season!

      C’mon October dumpage!!!!!!!

    • Hella

      Circa 04- 05

      October 15th 3+ feet

      Slaying pow before Halloween and riding last chair may 31st was a stellar season!

      12-13 October pow?

      Farmers almanac is garbage, it’s like buying lottery tickets….it gives you a false sense of the future!!

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