MSP's 2012 Official Trailer - Superheroes of Stoke Trailer


MSP’s 2012 Official Trailer – Superheroes of Stoke Trailer

It is with great pride today that Matchstick Productions, the most award-winning ski movie company in history, releases the trailer for our 2012 feature film, “SUPERHEROES OF STOKE”.

This year marked the 20th anniversary of our first ski film, “Soul Sessions & Epic Impressions”, and provided an opportunity to look back at two decades of ski films and the evolution of the sport. “We never knew we’d make it this far,” says executive producer Murray Wais, “so when we realized that this new film would represent a milestone in MSP’s history, we decided to relate where we’ve been to where we are now. Skiing has always meant everything to us, and we’re all living in a really exciting era for this sport. This movie captures that excitement and puts it on display courtesy of the latest film-making equipment available.”

“SUPERHEROES OF STOKE” honors the heroes who have made the sport of freeskiing what it is today and pays tribute to the heroes who gave their lives for what they loved. Throughout 2012, MSP’s film crews relentlessly traveled the globe in search of the moments that would define the cutting-edge of what is possible on skis. Highlights from 19 years worth of archived material have been edited amidst stunning new HD footage to demonstrate how far the athletes have progressed and how far boundaries have been pushed.Be sure to come to the biggest party of the year, our World Premiere of the“SUPERHEROES OF STOKE”, on September 15th, 2012 at McCaw Hall in Seattle WA. This is going to be an incredible night in one of the coolest venues on the whole tour. Tons of athletes, sponsors, and the biggest giveaways of the tour will go down on September 15th – do not miss this show!!


  • Emily Millns

    Amazing! To all you Londoners out there- UK Premier Thurs Nov 1st at the Coronet (2mins from Elephant and Castle tube station). Tickets coming soon!

  • Dio

    Watched it a couple of times now.

    I just got rrreally stoked and sad at the same time. The last 20 years have been sheer Darwinism for skiing. Adapt or perish. And boy, did we adapt!

    But some really did perish. The cameo’s of amongst others Doug and Shane and Sarah and C.R. got to me. Evolution comes at a cost.

    Let’s rip this winter in their honour. You better be good, for they deserve it.

    @MSP I would really – really – really like to see the names of ‘Ones That Perished’ in the credits. They’re left out but not forgotten.Please check your trailer @ 03.30.

    • CmrnDrgn

      The title is perfect. Credits the great skiers of today and remembers the ones we’ve lost. Can’t wait to see this. MSP rarely disappoints.

  • Mathew

    Brought back a lot of memories, probably the best trailer yet.

    Will ‘Radioactive’ by Imagine Dragons be this year’s ‘Sail’? I think so…

  • Rob

    hands down the best trailer I’ve seen. Skis, tricks, style, maybe thats all changed. But what really matters, the heart, soul and passion is exactly the same. cant wait to see this movie.

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