Superpark 16 day 4 recap video. Stylish methods, and



Superpark 16 Day 4 | Epic Sunrise Shots, One Footers and Methods

Even after 4 days straight of snowboarding and partying the crew down at Superpark hasn’t slowed down a bit.

Nils Mindvich woke up at 5 am to get some epic sunrise shots with Seb Toots, Sam Taxwood, Seth Hill and Nils Ardvidsson. Super epic shots on a really fun looking jump.

Zach Marben did some of the most stylish methods of the last decade on a beautifully sculpted hip while Garrett Warnick decided to just air the whole damn thing.

Scotty Vine tosses some signature one footed maneuvers with the most poked out one foot 360 I’ve ever seen.

Another epic edit. Looking forward to the day 5 finale.