The World's Scariest Drug = Colombian Devil's Breath


Colombian Devil’s Breath | The World’s Scariest Drug

VBS.tv bring us a look at the World’s Scariest DrugColombian Devil’s Breath.

  • Mat

    That plant grows wild over here and everyone knows that if you boil it and drink it as a tea you will hallucinate the shit out of you………but this is just fucking crazy dude !!

  • Matt Hazelto

    yeah this is dumb you dont need to find that in Columbia it grows it ditches everywhere I’ve know about this for over 20 years now It is dangerous

  • jdubx

    watched all of it, didnt think i would, but that shit is no joke. im glad that guy that got fucked with got revenge, thats a shitty way to lose a friend.

  • NH RES

    Definitely didn’t need to travel to Colombia to find that. I’ve seen that running on trails near Reno.

    • Matt Hazelto

      exactly its grows everywhere all one needs to do is google gypsum weed thats what i did when I started watching this once they showed the plant

  • creepiest dude on the mountain

    why wasnt anything about this drug included in the how to pick up girls on the chair lift article?

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