The World Anti-Doping Agency recently stated that their governing body will look at changing the regulations for Cannabis use amongst athletes.



Cannabis May Be Removed From The Banned Substance List In Sports By The 2014 Sochi Games

Cannabis Leaf

The World Anti-Doping Agency recently stated that their governing body will look at changing the regulations for Cannabis use amongst athletes.  This isn’t the first time the issue has been brought up, but it is the first time that it is being seriously considered for review.  This most recent call for the change came from several Australian sporting groups.  However in Australia is ILLEGAL to use, possess, grow or sell the drug.

The biggest argument for removing cannabis from the WADA’s list of game day performance enhancing drugs is cannabis provides no enhancing qualities after its use.  Also an athlete who tests positive can receive a two year ban, which would undoubtedly end most careers from a sponsorship perspective.

Rain Testing

Any lift of the cannabis ban would not be universal throughout the whole sporting community.  Sports such as shooting and golf would still possibly be under the original criteria since cannabis can help to steady an athletes hands.  The process of any changes may be a fairly lengthy one but could come into effect in early 2013 and impact the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Sorry Micheal Phelps, maybe you can smoke during the 2016 games.

Micheal Phelps

Any changes to the current standards may cause issues within the United States sporting bodies due to the generally not accepting nature of the drug that persists throughout much of the States.  Even with the current laws in respect to cannabis, it is becoming more accepted in its potential medical uses.  Some of these include treating glaucoma, nueropathic pain, aspects of multiple sclerosis, and helping to mitigate the side-effects of chemotherapy.

What are your thoughts on the WADA removing cannabis from the banned substance list?  What are your beliefs on cannabis use?  Medical or Recreational?


    • Skier21

      “Smoke weed obtained from legal sources everyday without bothering anyone” – It`s Better.

  • ChemDawg

    If some one who is stoned can be more motivated to win more than a sober person, then so be it. I have rumetory arthritis and have both ACL’s, a MCL, and a PCL and a Macro Capsule reconstruction of my shoulder. I had a rough winter this year and once again my orthopedist put me on an Opiate regimen. (Started with 30mg roxicet and then switched me to Opana) After wasting 3 months of my life as a Zombie my Dr and I discussed different treatment options, and honestly what we came up was MJ and asprin (I have a very cool progressive open minded Dr who is into alternative treatments even though I do not live in a MMJ state). For controlling pain I feel like it actually works better than opiates (where as opiates just seem to make me forget that I am hurting) without the addictive qualities. MJ does not make my performance better, except for the aspect that allows me to live a somewhat normal life.

    • Bull's Behind

      I read something about Casabon quitting so he could compete and he specifically said he wasn’t done for good

  • RippedVanWinkle

    MJ certainly helps increase a relaxed focus and allows a flow of things. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well and helps men maintain flexibility (in part due to estrogen properties). The downfall is a change in motivation other than riding…. I can honestly say I accomplish more and retain more without it in my life…. however, it is a beautiful plant and should be part of the medicine cabinet for serious ailments. Cali has high CBC plants, which are the plants that have demonstrated cancer battling properties… The THC is you recreational aspect for the most part, but the change of frame of mind can be much more empowering than stating it is useless. Frame of mind is the most powerful treatment around. Eat healthy and learn healthy practices and lifestyles to insure a better future. Exercise is key to this equation.

  • .MTT

    What are weed laws like in russia?

    BTW I thinks its a nice start to ending the would police assult on human freedom

  • Dave Dempster

    Criminalize the corporate drug dealers-Ban drug advertisements on television-stop the demonization of hemp

  • Skier21

    Legal cannabis = Peace and love? mmm no, but ok, no problem with it…it`s only a vegetal.

    Illegal Cannabis = Women trafficking, deaths, more money to mafias, etc.

    Most part of the world population consume the ILLEGAL ONE.

    So everytime you smoke – illegal – marihuana think that you`ve payed a bullet to kill an innocent person or that you`ve contributed to human trafficking. Thanks.

    • Bugbear

      Well haven’t you herd of Montana homegrown or CO medical? Your talking about beaner weed, that shit sucks anyway.

  • Skier21

    By legal cannabis I mean obtained from legal sources of course if not we`re at the same problem….

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