Unofficial just got off the phone with Squaw Valley USA. Squaw Valley will NOT have a Bike Park this summer. They did not have a bike park last summer. The summer before that they did have a bike park and it needed a lot of work, but it had potential. It does seem like KSL is missing the boat on a lot of the easy stuff that would make people love them. No bike park, no terrain park, no half pipe in 2011/12 at Squaw Valley USA.



NO Bike Park @ Squaw This Summer...

2012 Squaw Valley mountain bike park

Unofficial just got off the phone with Squaw Valley USA.  

Squaw Valley will NOT have a Bike Park this summer.

They did not have a bike park last summer.

The summer before that they did have a bike park and it needed a lot of work, but it had potential.

It does seem like KSL is missing the boat on a lot of the easy stuff that would make people love them.

No bike park, no terrain park, no half pipe in 2011/12 at Squaw Valley USA.

Does Squaw feel World Class to you?

Does Squaw feel Extraordinary to you?


Squaw’s Bike Park used to be home to thMountain Bike World Cup, Fat Tire Festivals, and Downhill Mania.  12 years ago, Squaw had a solid bike park.

When will KSL get Squaw’s bike park back up to speed?  Who knows.  But hopefully they are listening to the locals and visitors alike who all want basic amenities like terrain parks, half-pipes, and bike parks.  This is the easy stuff, guys.



      • HECKLER

        It’s not really me. Fake Heckler kind of sucks………..

        So, you want to have sex with your girl. She tells you that the front poarch is being painted. You say, no problem I’ll just go around to the back. She says No Way! The back door is locked. That only leaves one place left to go.
        Down the chimney…….

  • Fat tire festival??

    No mention of the fat tire festival scheduled for sep 20-23rd?? I wanna know more about it. I heard California state championship DH and dual slalom under the lights, as well as xc and super d. Movie premieres, IMBA trail clinics,…

  • Snowmonster

    You would think with the lack of snow related revenue, they would be trying to make the most out of their summertime ops to maximize revenues. Just when you think KSL would act like a competitive organization, they completley douche themselves.

    And for the record, I don’t mountain bike.

    • Anonymous

      Lol. No one takes the time to think about what KSL has already said they would do and what obvious sacrifices are necessary for those changes to occur. Redesigning and extending the High Camp chair to Shirley Ridge will not only cut funi traffic but will make use of terrain otherwise ignored, further cutting traffic at the top of the mountain. Mtn biking wouldn’t be safe with all the additional construction trucks, hazards etc this summer. thanks again unofficialsquaw for your top-notch reporting and cutting edge takes on things you obviously know little about.

  • Local Mounter

    KSL… you are starting off on a bad foot. However, maybe they are just doing what corporations do best… screwing the regular people hard and fast

  • JB

    Looks like the Tahoe Fat Tire Festival 2012 is still a work in progress (at least based on their website:

    Assuming this goes off, could be the kick in the pants and measurable proof that a bike park may be worth the effort…

  • Thatoneguy

    Lets face it, KSL sucks over and over again. Andy, you could have been the coolest thing to happen to Squaw since the last ice age, but instead you just failed again at letting Squaw live up to it’s potential. SO I WILL GIVE MY MONEY TO NORTHSTAR, a VAIL resort, your biggest competitor, and ride there all summer long. I guess you just don’t need any extra income in the summer time.

  • headscratcher

    I think this alone is the single worst fuck up for KSL. Squaw does not work financially without summer revenue – at least not like KSL wants it to. Real estate, lodging, and concession revenue in the village are not sustainable without summer revenue. Summer traffic and revenue do not happen without a bike park. Compare the Village at Squaw in the summer to the Village at Northstar in the summer. Night and day. It is ironic that Squaw, with the biggest/best winter terrain in Tahoe, is getting their ass handed to them by Northstar, with the suckiest winter terrain in Tahoe, in the summers. Look at Whistler – undisputed mtn bike resort mecca of the world. Squaw will never be Whistler, but why shouldn’t Squaw be the Whistler of the lower 48? There is no reason why not. Local riders would probably do the vast majority of trail building, labor and maintenance FOR FREE, just to be part of building and riding Squaw. I get sick of the incessant bitching about KSL/Squaw too, but in this case it is well deserved: they are dropping the ball big time.

    • Thomas Como

      This may be one of the most intelligent things written as a response on this website. Props headscratcher.
      No bitching aside, KSL is completely full of shit. I was one of the last to defend them and convinced they really were gonna make things better. However, I am defeated. They have been slow to change, they are “big business” to the core, and snakes in the grass. AW is about as full of shit as a whore in church. Stay tuned for more to come…

    • Michelle

      You forgot one thing, flat mountains, i.e N*, make for good mountain biking, steep mountains, not so much. Thats why flatstar is the undisputed king of bike parks in tahoe.

      • SPAM

        I would have to say that squaw has plenty of flat terrain. I don’t really understand why you guys have a hard time realizing that as a fact. Aside from the ridges and initial drops a lot of Squaw is just as flat as N*. The upper mountian would make an amazing mid area w/ bike play grounds/ why not a bike park with dirt jumps, wood ramps/ urban and a bowl. Switch Gold Coast over to summer ops and put some bike carriers on it and you have a great mountian bike park with minimal operations needed. Between the cable car and Gold Coast you would have access to some amazing biking terrain.
        So yeah, what the fuck Squaw – why are you not buying me a new bike…..oh, I mean where’s the bike park?

      • Spacey

        You forgot one thing.. whistler isnt a flat mountain. and squaw while yes its steep in parts is flat enough in the Sibo, gold coast, shirley, high camp area, mountain run, broken arrow’s sun run and horsetails. enough for a sick park

  • kev

    i love how everyone calls it flatstar and hates that its around but are the first ones there when your “awesome” lifts arent spinning due to wind.

  • Jack

    It will interesting to see how KSL plays out these next couple of months and into the next ski season. Will they listen to comments and suggestions on what people have said….probably not. I personally am interested in seeing what squaw is going to turn into.

  • Spacey

    Squaw is doing chair work right when you get off the cable car gotta remember that with the replacement of high camp and relocation of links. So that could be a reason but a weak one at that. We need a bike park but with Kyle C. running the show we wont get very far.. he blew it at Northstar and is doing the same at Squaw. Stick to ur dirtbikes…. WE NEED GRAVITY LOGIC at squaw. there is lots of granite slabs and boulders to make it on par with whistler if irrigated properly.

    • Kyle hater

      Kyle C. has got to be one of the greatest con artists in this industry. He is constantly involved in too many projects beyond his scope and ability, often just showing up to “hollywood” the efforts of others or attempt to perform a task he can’t. I am always amazed at his presence here at Squaw and await his departure like those before.

  • Agent P

    Squaw is like the hot looking chick at the party, they got the goods so they don';t have to try that hard. They get the attention weather they are nice or not. You might put up with BS for awhile but eventually you get fed up and look elsewhere.
    This current ownership seems to make the wrong decision at every turn of the road. They have a dedicated core of skiers and boarders that they know will come back year after year. Instead of fostering that they turn a blind eye to services and good performance. Am i surprised there is no bike park, not at all. KSL is killing the spirit of the mountain.
    They are corporate mercenaries.

    • Anonymous

      Wow thanks for that. Got any substance to your argument or just more of the same bro-bra discontent?

  • Bein reel

    The reason for no bike park is due to the lift construction that will begin soon. Seems like good reasoning to me.

    • Whack

      Thanks for the full story. It seemes Unoffical has published another artical without digging that deep into the matter. Way to get everyone all worked up for absolutely no reason guys.

      • Milk man

        Its a decent reason but we shouldnt have to watch the mountain sit while they fix 2 chairs and considering that the mtn park is completely downhill of those two lifts its just more BS to fuck over people who shred and not just come here to ride green circles and drink wine. If there is no mountain bike park there should be no hiking up there too….

    • Lil Al

      So no bike park because they are building a coulple of beginner lifts? They build bigger lifts than that in Michigan. Sounds like more KSL B.S.

  • Anonymous

    Squaw SUCKS!!! KSL are a bunch of Assholes. And Andy Wirth can suck it!!! Just a little smug Bitch!!!
    That said, see you all next year waiting in the KT line for an hour. Stoked???

  • Milk man

    Please bring Gravity Logic and not have a bunch of hacks trying to build half ass berms that will get blown out the first weekend. PLEASE HIRE GRAVITY LOGIC!!

  • you sqauw folk craxk me up...

    just another reason to bitch…

    If my history serves me…

    1. you didnt have a mtb park last year.
    2. You had one for half a season the year before as a “test”
    3. you didnt have a bike park for the 10 years before that

    Why all the bitching about a bike park. you havent had a bike park in the past 12 years. nothings changed, why beat the KSL horse again?

    • Karl Malone

      cause KSL is supposed to be making squaw “extraordinary” and spending 50 mill on stupid shit. If they say 1 mill of that goes into a bike park ill never bitch again.

  • Roger Pedacter


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