Voleurz hosted the 4th annual Winter Volympics this weekend in Whistler BC. Whoops.



The 4th Annual Winter Volympics | The Photo Story

This sunday Whistler BC played accidental host to one of the most glamourous, dramatic, dangerous,  obnoxious, and somehow sophisticated events of the year. The 4th annual Winter Volympics.

“Athletes” from all over attended the games in the hopes to bring victory to their team, in a legendary battle red fought blue for a chance to hold the Volympic title and all it’s glory.

Blood was drawn, Jagermeister expelled, and entire herds of Cariboo (beers) annihilated before Josh Bibby’s red team was crowned victorious after a series of battles ranging from most irresponsible air to the shotgun relay.

Other event highlights included an appearance from Slash who, fueled by Jagermeister led the Blue team to an epic defeat.

Thanks to Voleurz for hosting the event and Cariboo Brewing, the official energy drink sponsor of the Volympic Games.

Stay tuned for an Unofficial video update.