World Cup Skier TONGUES The Chimney @ Squaw Valley USA Yesterday

The Chimney was perfect yesterday.  The freakiness of the experience inspired a soliloquy and a severe tonguing.  Yep, that’s Lake Tahoe, California in the background.  This place was shining yesterday.

When you watch this video you are looking and listening for 4 things.

1.  The Tonguing

2.  Lyrics:  “You, climb out the Chimney

3.  How Nastily Travis tongues and skis the Chimney (I guess being a World Cup Skier helps your freeskiing?)

4.  Lyrics:  “Then our skin grows thicker, from livin’ out in the snow”

Center Line tracks down the Chimney


– Center Line (not in the video)

– Easy Street

– Chimney Sweep


It’s snowing hard in Squaw right now.  The Chimney will be ON again tomorrow.  We’ll have all the raunchy details right here for ya tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks again to Squaw Valley Professional Ski Patrol.  

You guys truly are World Class.

You comin’ up this weekend or what?  ThIS Squaw Valley place is incredible.  You didn’t forget that, did you?