Unofficial Networks Advertising Contact


If you are interested in advertising on UnofficialNetworks.com please contact us.

Tim Konrad: Advertising Sales Manager

Email: UnofficialNetworks@gmail.com

Phone: 530-386-5258

  • LaneMyers

    Look I know pop ups are probably the way to go, but the new ads that ke popping up on the site now are totally weak. I feel like you guys have totally sold out to the man. I loved the unofficial back in the day when it was totally squaw. I grew up in the Bay and have been skiing at Squaw for a long time, but the site is ging down with the pop up ads. Ads on the side are cool, even though you have them set up to mu cookies, but the pop up shit has got to stop. Please send reply to dfizz@hotmail.com

  • Nathan Christiansen

    Hi Tim,

    I made this video about my dad who has been a quad for over 50 years. He started skiing a couple years ago at the bird and it has really helped him get through the long winter’s in Salt Lake. Thought you might want to use the
    video. Not sure how to send a link but it’s on “themovenut” channel on facebook and it’s titled “my dad is 1 in 10 billion” thanks! Nate

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