At around 8am a large boom was heard across Lake Tahoe, CA today. The North American Aerospace Defense Command has received reports of a meteor strike near Kingsbury Grade in South Lake Tahoe. Nothing has been confirmed at this point. Many Lake Tahoe residents are reporting having seen a meteor this morning. Many more report hearing a loud “boom.” The boom sound is thought to be from a sonic boom, not the meteor’s impact.



Meteor Hits Lake Tahoe Basin | Loud “Boom" Shakes Houses


The meteor that hit Lake Tahoe is likely a touch smaller than the meteor shown here...

At around 8am, a large boom was heard across Lake Tahoe, CA today.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command has received reports of a meteor strike near Kingsbury Grade in South Lake Tahoe.  Nothing has been confirmed at this point.

Kingsbury grade is located at the “A” in the lower right of this image/map

Many Lake Tahoe residents are reporting having seen a meteor streak the sky this morning.  Many more report having heard a loud “boom.”  The boom sound is thought to be from a sonic boom, not the meteor’s impact.

“DUDE!  I heard a crazy loud boom and felt my house shake in Tahoe City.” – local bro brah

The Lyrid Meteor shower is current being experienced in the Earth area.  It peaked last night.

“The Lyrids are a meteor shower lasting from April 16 to April 26[1] each year. The radiant of the meteor shower is located in the constellation Lyra, peaking at April 22—hence they are also called the Alpha Lyrids or April Lyrids. The source of the meteor shower is particles of dust shed in the cometary tail generated by the periodic Comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher.[2] The Lyrids have been observed for the past 2600 years.[2]” – wikipedia

We’ll let you know more as details emerge on this “meteor impact.”

Did you hear the boom?  Did you see anything?  Are you out hunting for the meteor right now?

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  • Mark Jacoby

    Just saw one tonight very very bright, lit up the entire basin at North Lake Tahoe-Tahoe Vista, I could actually hear it, and the tail lingered for several seconds. It came from East/North East, heading west/south west. It sounded similar to jet noise, though briefer in duration. Dec 9, 2012 2228hrs-11:28PM PST. Very impressive and a bit scary…

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  • Agent P

    Size of a Mini Van? My neighbors crappy dodge mini van is missing. Maybe he went out drinking and got lost. Next think you know he is hurling through the sky, breaks the sound barrier and then burns up. Ill check with his wife to see if he returns. Thats the rad.

  • Geriatic S Gurl

    Today(Wednesday) the AP is reporting that a few small fragments of this meteorite have been found near Lotus and Coloma (near Sutter’s Mill, near Placerville) and that a lot of people, including a team from NASA Ames Research Center, are out looking for more before the rain ruins the samples.
    They estimate the space rock was about the size of a minivan, about 70 metric tons mass and about 3 to 4 cubic meters, before it broke apart from hitting our atmosphere. They don’t think it was part of the Lyrid meteor shower, but was a “unique” solitary event that happens about once a year worldwide, only this time it was seen over land instead of disappearing into the ocean.

    The American Meteor Society has numbered this one #588, “the daylight fireball over CA-NV,” and the witness reports (from several states) are a real blast to read, especially the one from the airline pilot Eric Steinbrenner, who must have had a bird’s eye view:


    “Im an airline pilot. Between Klamath Falls and La ke Tahoe heading south. Meteor came from the east moving to the west. Bright hot white in color. Appeared to break up in two spots along the path with chunks breaking off as it went. Light was visible for approx 4 to 5 seconds (trying to remember) then smoke trail visible for 60 seconds or so. Dissipated just west of the Sierra Nevadas. Appeared to break up in two separate spots toward the end of the trail. Mostly just east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains Bright smoke trail. Appeared to break up in sections. Lasted approx 60 seconds. Slowly faded.”

    Lisa Warren of Reno, Nevada, who managed to take 3 pictures of the fireball, was walking her dogs with her husband Sunday morning, when he said “what the heck was that?” and she then quickly captured the historic moment.

    I am finding it extremely humorous that my husband, a dedicated amateur astronomer, who was outside at that very moment (!) WITH A CAMERA, on the EAST SIDE of our house, viewpoint looking north, on a hill so no trees would obscure it, in the trajectory area, has video of …. wild turkeys and a little bitty “boom” sound.

  • NM - So Lake Tahoe

    I was getting ready for work around 8am and heard the boom, shook house & windows pretty good. I live at Stateline, NV next to Kingsbury Grade. Crazy….. i thought it was an earthquake and blew it off til people at work were talking about it and felt the same thing.

  • StomperPTI

    No snow this season and meteors are going to DESTROY TAHOE?!?!?! the Snow gods are angry! quick, sacrifice some gapers to appease them!

  • test missile!

    It was North korea’s shitty dud test missile that was supposed to go off last week. The night shift guard was just sitting around eating donuts when it up and left 5 days after the expected launch. Somebody mixed up their longitude and latitude on the coordinates so it ended up in Tahoe instead of the Pacific . Be afraid?

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  • Drag Knucks

    Its not a meteor- they just want you to believe that bs.
    Probably from the nearest AFB, or at least somehow related…

  • Jay

    Shawn G. is sure it was a UFO – he didn’t see the documentary about Mars and the little car that didn’t find anyone – maybe someone can help him understand.

  • Geriatic S Gurl

    I slept thru this. However, upon quizzing my husband tonight I discovered that not only was he outside this morning and heard it, he might have it faintly on audio as he was taking video of some turkeys displaying next to the house right at that time. He thought it was quarry blasting or something from Beale AFB going off and did not connect it to “THE METEOR” until I pointed out what time it occurred.

    We are much farther down elevation in the foothills, so that is even more impressive that it could be heard from the next state over.

  • Andrew Hewett

    Someone told me that they heard the boom all the way in Reno! Crazy though, I didn’t hear it in Truckee, hopefully the aliens won’t come out tonight!

  • Gini

    I live west of Lake Tahoe about sixty miles by road and clearly heard the sonic boom but could not figure why there would be one.

  • SPAM

    Way to gather facts and present a true story. Word is the boom was herd further west. Some reports from the bay too. Try to present facts not fiction in your hack stories.

    • SPAM

      After doing some research I have found mention of Kingsbury grade. The best info I read said Columbia, Ca and that it came out of the east.

      • anonymous

        wow you are an idiot. way to gather facts yourself before you attempted to bash something. Try knowing something about a subject before the next time you speak up.

  • m p

    it was SO LOUD we waited for a huge p wave or jolt but when nothing happened except the roar that just went on and on and on I thought mammoth had erupted or shasta or YELLOW STONE ! IN PLEASANT VALLEY south east of Placerville CA. it deffinately was east of us and ended up sounding like a rocket going over ! ! and slowly fading but rumbling for over a minute …………never heard anything like it before.
    a sonic boom plus a mcdonald douglas test at aerojet but 100 times louder

  • Anonymous

    Definately heard it when I was standing in the parking lot at work this morning. Sounded like an avy bomb had gone off right behind me.

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