Doug Coombs Passed Away 6 Years Ago Today | Remembering a Ski Legend


Doug Coombs is a legend in the ski industry.  He passed away 6 years ago today in La Grave, France.


– Born in Bedford, MA in 1957

– Grew up skiing New Hampshire & Vermont

– Attended college at Montana State University and skied Bridger Bowl

– Moved to Jackson Hole after college and became a pro skier

– Started the Alaska heli-ski industry in Valdez, AK

– Won the World Extreme Skiing Championships in 1991 and 1993

– Founded Valdez Heli Ski in 1993

– Passed away on April 3rd, 2006 skiing the Couloir de Polichinelle in La Grave, France

  • slush pig

    Schmidt is still my favorite not to take away from DC
    Miles, have you sk’d the Chugach?..I hear it’s scary even to
    these great skiers.

    one of the old TGR films has DC skiing chest deep pow,

    • Miles Clark

      I have gotten to ski the Chugach. It’s scary as hell. Alaska and anyone who can make it look easy deserve a lot of respect. Dean was a master up there.

      • slush pig

        Did you finally get used to it to the point whre you could enjoy it or were you just glad it was over? I think i would freak out up there.

  • Jesse

    Coombs was the best of the best. McDonkey doesn’t even come close. He carried Doug’s skis like a waterboy. Miss him everyday. DC, that is.

    • Mandy

      Really? Is it necessary to Trash one deceased man’s reputation, just because you are small minded thinker. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Both were top notch skiers, patriarchs and fine indivduals.
      Your mother must be ashamed of you.

  • Ski Bum

    What a legend and a guy with no attitude, always funny, sharing his passion in everything. Generous, loving, and humble. A true legend of skiing. Top 2-3 by far. Words can’t describe how great he was.

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