Bruce Willis Offers to Donate a Ski Resort


It’s that time of year ladies and gentlemen, time to liquidate, everything must go…it’s tax time.  Willis has already put his residence and nightclub in Central Idaho on the market for $19.5 million, but now he’s going to give away his ski area for free.  He has owned Soldier Mountain near Fairfield, ID since the late 90’s and now would like to donate it to the right local non-profit.  Soldier Mountain is 1,150 acres and has three ski lifts.   So is Bruce just trying to unload everything because of financial troubles or is he realizing it doesn’t snow there?  Does he ski gorilla style?  Is this an act of selflessness or desperation?

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  • Hill City Girl

    Thanks to Bruce for keeping the resort open these past years. I grew up in the shadow of Soldier Mountain. It is beautiful, though remote country and it is a super family ski area. Sometimes it would be nice if people would see the positive side of something for a change and think the best of Bruce’s offer. I prefer to do that and hope that some entity will take him up on it.

    • anonymous

      There isn’t a positive side to taking over a failing business, even if its free. Ski areas cost a buttload to run.

    • Ida-pow

      Because Hailey is crawling in pot smoking, beer drinking, ski-bumming Mormons, amirite? Try the East side of the State if you think Blaine county is covered in Mormons.

  • Bigger Sky

    Im thinking since unoffical doesn’t make alot of $, they should declare themselves a non profit. So we can ski Idaho kook free, at an Unofficial Ski AREA ( not resort)

  • BoiseRunner

    I skied there a few weeks ago. Not a bad place, though it seems to be stuck in the 80’s. Tough place to make a go of it due to the remote location. Even if it’s a not for profit, they still have to keep the lights on.

    • Cheap Bastard

      Used to take a school bus there as little kid in the 80’s for Saturday ski school. Now that I have kids I realized I basically take my kids to the “Soldier” in my neck of the woods….Homewood. Not sure if its nostalgia or the pure simplicity of these mtns but they are they are the mothers milk of skiing in my eyes. Hope Soldier continues to be an option for snow sliders whatever happens with this transaction.

  • Demi

    I always thought Bruce wasn’t that cool, but this is really pretty neat. Ashton Cooter is such a douche and you’re way more hung. Bruce I want u back baby.

  • TJ Burke

    I’ve skied plenty of sweet powder days at Solider Mt. The cat skiing off the back side is also great. It is a bit difficult to go there considering it is in the shadow of Sun Valley… Bruce has always been a great asset to our local community and there are plenty of butt-holes running the valley with way more money than him.

  • Ski Bum

    This is a perfect opportunity for MRA, no? Jamie???
    You should be all over this!!!!!!!!
    You probably are…

  • Kyle DeLong

    Does anyone find it strange that an actor who just entertains people makes enough to buy a ski resort and Doctors who save peoples lives don’t? Just a thought…

    • O'Doyle Rules!

      It’s not strange at all, It’s not even a good point. The answer is really simple. Its an economy of SCALE.

      Haven’t you ever heard, It’s better to have a small piece of a large pie, than a large piece of a small pie? If you have, that’s because it’s true. If you haven’t, well then…

      A doctor can visit 8 to 10 patients a day which pay him/her individually. Maybe they save lives, and make a large sum for each patient… it’s still a big piece of a small pie. An entertainer can entertain millions of people at a time… which makes him/her a more valuable commodity, and even if only a small percentage of those people pay him/her, or pay to see the movie they are in, he/she is still going to come out ahead. They have a small piece of a very very very very very large pie called “we like to be entertained all the goddamn time”.

  • Brian Horton

    Considering the story broke 2 hrs ago I think its pretty informative, but I’d love to hear what you have

  • Anonymous

    Why not do a bit of research? Answer your own questions and post an informative article maybe….

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