VIDEO: Mammoth Snow Report, March 17, 2012 | The thrill of a Mammoth powder day… Awaking to the sound of bombs going off, the snow’s stacked higher than expected, the wheels whir in your head… Reality



VIDEO: Pots of White Gold | Powder for St. Patrick’s Day | Mammoth Snow Report, March 17, 2012

VIDEO: Mammoth Snow Report, March 17, 2012 | The thrill of a Mammoth powder day… Awaking to the sound of bombs going off, the snow’s stacked higher than expected, the wheels whir in your head… Reality hits, it’s game on! The excitement and anticipation are like fuel, propelling you to the Mountain, driving you to that next moment of exultation.

No doubt, today was a blast. Friday night the snow hit and it didn’t relent until Saturday evening. In that short window the Mountain received roughly 3 feet of new snow, more than most had expected.

The pow was not blower, nor cement – a nice, satisfying medium. It was a fast, surf-able snow, yet rather blast-able/slash-able when it came time to shut ‘er down.

It is worth mentioning though that there were signs of a considerable amount of slide activity around the hill. Many zones loaded and released (primarily triggered by control work) yet, as best we could tell, all slides on the lower mountain only affected the new layer/snow. It shall be interesting to see what slide activity has occurred at the top of the mountain once the clouds give way.

The snow continued to come down hard all day long Saturday, preventing the Mountain from opening the top and the backside. Yet with 3, 5, 12 and 22 available and the week-end crowd thinning as the day grew old, there were fresh turns to be had from bell to bell. Yup, not a bad St. Paddy’s Day…


    • Colin Farrell

      Agreed… and -500 for the backslap.

      I had a nice front row seat for this one. Whether due to slide activity of something else, the landing looked firm and nasty. The gentleman that sent it (if anyone knows his identity, please share) confirmed this. He went BIG, I’ll give him that.

  • Chris Matson

    Looks like a nice little St. Patty’s up there. Good work. It’s still raining here in SLO, so there’s more to come!

  • powfiend

    whats up with the lack of stompage? been too long since you’ve been hucking, forgot how to land eh? Good edit though, was a good day at squaw if you know how to work it. Calling it the day of the year is questionable… There have been several days which were better interns of snow quality and lack of lift lines in the last month. I sure do hope there are a few more storms like this though that land on a monday night instead of a friday!

      • Mammy Slider

        Soooooooohohohohohooo blower. I ripped Viva twice then enjoyed Griz the rest of the day. So many kickers… little time. My bell rang at 2….legs were juiced. Why did our first true powder day come in the middle of March? Effing solar flares.

  • Bishopcreekboy

    Have the past two days not been glorious!? so stocked to be skiing aggressively in soft snow again, see you out there tomorrow boys. Tops a Poppin!

    • Colin Farrell

      Agreed! Great light pow in the morning, epic windbuff in the afternoon. I had a little break early afternoon, returned to the lifts and it blew my mind how good the runs were buffing up. Wasn’t planning to go bell to bell but I just couldn’t help myself. Stoked to hear people have been enjoying this (as they should).

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