Squaw/Alpine Release 2012-13 Season Passes | Cheap Again, Are You Stoked?


Squaw sold upwards of 30,000 season passes for the 2011-12 season and with the discounted pass prices again for next year, we may be in store for more of this in the future. KT line on March 17th, 2012.

With Northstar/Heavenly/Kirkwood 2012-2013 season passes on sale for a few weeks now, we knew it couldn’t be long before Squaw/Alpine would release their next year season passes to the public.

We had a hunch that prices would be similar to last year (or this year for the matter) considering the low prices of Vail’s offering and the trend of low pass prices over the last few years, although deep down some of us would have been willing to pay a premium over previous years prices if that meant less crowds.  But hey, after this rather dismal season not having to pay an arm and leg up front is nothing to sneeze at.

So, the pass prices for the 2012/2013 ski season for combined Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows, ie the “Tahoe Super Pass”, are as follows:

  • Gold: $699, no blackouts
  • Silver: $469, 10 blackouts
  • Bronze: $399, 19 blackouts

Of course the above listed prices are assuming an adult between the ages of 23-64,  are renewing your season pass, and will purchase on or before May 7th, but here’s a screenshot if you don’t fall under that criteria and the specifics on blackout dates.

Vision trouble? Get the full details at the link below.

Squaw/Alpine 2012-13 Season Pass Prices

But wait, there’s more…

In this tough economy it’s all about the extra’s and with the broad scope of KSL’s other properties and businesses some of the extras are actually pretty good.  If you live in the Bay Area, enjoy destination golf trips, have friends or families come visit during the season, or are a new passholder that will be up here this spring, some of these benefits may be of real interest to you.

Gold & Silver Adult Passholders Get the New & Exclusive California Adventure Package™ when Purchased by May 7, 2012:

  • Valued at over $1000 this package is exclusively for Adults who purchase their Gold or Silver Tahoe Super Pass for the 2012-13 season by May 7, 2012
  • Adult passholders buy one night get one night free lodging offer at KSL Resorts – Hotel del Coronado or 800-468-3533, La Costa or 800-854-5000, Rancho Las Palmas or 866-423-1195. Valid May 1, 2012-April 30, 2013.  This special offer is valid daily, excluding holidays, and is based upon availability.  Some restrictions apply. Reservations must be booked directly with each  KSL resort by phone or website. Reservations are not commissionable to travel agents or any third party and may not be used with any other promotion. Must present their valid pass upon check-in. Offer valid on room only rates. Blackout periods may apply, therefore, reservations are based upon availability. using these promo codes (will include link to appropriate booking site)
  • Free golf – Three FREE Rounds of Club Corp Golf-Turkey Creek, Empire Ranch and Teal Bend. Receive one complimentary green fee at each of the three  Club Corp Golf Clubs. Tee times available up to five days in advance. Driver’s License and activity voucher must be presented to the golf pro shop. A $15 cart fee is required. Offer valid May 1, 2012-April 30, 2013.
  • 6 complimentary Ski & Ride Conditioning Classes at Western Athletic Clubs-Bay Club Marin, Bay Club San Francisco, Pacific Sprots Resort Redwood Shores, Courtside-a Pacific Sports Resort, Decathlon-a Pacific Sports Resort, Pacific Sports Resort San Diego, and coming soon Bay Club Silicon Valley- for Adult passholders. Classes begin September 1, 2012.
  • Plus all of the benefits below:

Benefits at both Squaw and Alpine include:

  • 8 friend tickets for 2012-13 season – (4) $75 tickets valid Saturday & Sunday, non-holiday & (4) $50 tickets valid Monday-Friday, non-holiday
  • Ski all day for afternoon rates on black out dates
  • New passholders ski and ride free for April, so get your pass today and don’t miss a day of spring conditions
  • 2012 free summer Squaw Valley tram access
  • 10% off food at Squaw and Alpine owned food and beverage outlets
  • 30% discount on Snowsports half day private lessons.  Valid for adults and young adults. Excludes holidays-Dec. 26-31; Jan. 19-20; Feb. 16-23
  • Night skiing at Squaw Valley (when in operation)
  • Free spring High Camp pool access
  • Retail Discount-preseason private party shopping event; monthly and other regularly scheduled discount days in all Squaw/Alpine owned shops
  • Parking Discount at Squaw Valley-$30 Savings on Upper Parking ($529) and $45 savings on lower parking ($254)
  • Invitation to the Annual Passholder party.

Village at Squaw Valley lodging discounts:

  • 2012 Summer Discount: 25% Midweek / 10% Weekend (Fri & Sat nights) valid 4/8/2012 – 12/20/2012. Not Valid: 6/30 – 7/7/2012, 7/13-14/2012, 8/10-11/2012, 8/31 – 9/2/2012
  • 2012-13 Winter Discount: 15% Midweek / 10% Weekend (Fri & Sat nights) valid 1/6/2013 – 4/6/2013 Not Valid 12/21/2012 – 1/5/2013, 1/15-17/2013, 2/15-22/2013Not valid on group reservations, subject to and based on availability, Additional restrictions may apply.

2012-13 Holiday Dates:

Dec. 26, 2012 – Dec. 31, 2013
Jan. 19-20, 2013
Feb. 16-17, 2013

Are you stoked?

  • Anonymous

    Squaw sucks. With the complete shit show they call operations that’s been goin on, King and Livak spooning each other on storm days, and all the kooks claiming squaw now that they got their first pass, I’m totally embarrassed to let people know I even own a squaw pass.

    fuc me once shame on you fuc me twice, shame on me.

  • BakBak

    Ski corp, KSL, whatever. Worked lift ops for SVSC and they had $hold back then also. Why it snows and bluebirds up alot lately on the weekends is in mother natures hands. Weekend lines suck everywhere, work for your turns in the side country, you will be much happier. If you want to avoid traffic on 89 on pow days ya need to be leaving Truckee or TC before 8am maybe even 730 nowadays. You can get a bronze pass at Squaw/Alpine and the epic pass BOTH for less then you used to be able to get just a mid-week at Squaw! You’ve pretty much got all the mnts that matter, except the sweet Sugar Bowl, come on baby, you know you want to sell out and join the party! More mnts, less money, awesome!!! As much as people want to dis on KSL, they actually listen. Lookie, lookie, is that the Mainline park I see being resurrected!!! Why yes it is! High speed chair coming for GC! Bring it! Expanded terrain in Silvy, yup. Silvy closed then reopend last year due to overwhelming demand, not to mention that they opened it this year on March 23! I’m sorry, but Ski Corp would never have bothered to open it this late in the season in my opinion. And we may very well be skiing back and forth between Squaw and Alpine in the foreseeable future! See, dreams do come true

    • Powder hound

      I applaud your sense of optimism as much as I don’t agree with everything you’ve said. You do make some very valid points.

  • R Diggity

    Squaw rules! Even if it takes an hour to drive from Truckee on a pow day. If you want powder to yourself, buy a sled and get it all day long!

  • Funky Hucker

    Bear Valley. Small. But skied there (3) days last year. Lap after lap on Grizzly with no lines. No lines and 3′ of blower. I kept thinking where is everybody. I asked the lifty where are the lines? He said Dude it is crowded today you have to wait a couple of chairs don’t you.

  • lower mountain only

    game over. time to start snowshoeing? i love how squaw wants to sell themselves as some worldwide destination, yet have nothing running midweek. Hey andy wtf do think someone on a weeks vacation here is gonna think when they see that you morons dont have shit open midweek? they wont be back. maybe you should change the name of the mountain to marin country club @ squaw. this is obviously who you cater operations to, NOT the destination traveler.

  • Could be worse

    Weekends generally suck at any mountain, right? I lived in Summit County for a few years and the lines at Breckenridge where awful almost every day, maybe Squaw’s are bad, but I doubt all the time? I think the nonexistent Tahoe lines are amazing! I don’t ski at Squaw though

  • tahoe?

    between the rain, massive lift lines, traffic, skied out in an hour, bullshit that is tahoe skiing, i’m out. luv the terrain at squaw but everything that comes along with it blows

  • Squawisawesome

    Please everyone stay at squawllywood! It is the best mountain in the world right!?! You can ski epic lines and get starbucks while skiing! The lines aren’t so bad… Whatever you do stay away from sugarbowl, that place is horrible, especially lincoln.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta love all the complaining here. Yes lines are bad on the few powder or storm days that fall on a weekend but the rest of the time it is usually pretty empty. Obviously many here have either forgotten or simply never knew the Squaw that was home to slow doubles on KT, Red Dog and Headwall. I vividly remember long/slow lines on each of those lifts and the pre-village parking lot overflowing with cars and tour busses out to the main road. The most crowded, junk show weekend this year (St. Patty’s wknd) we were still skiing pow at 2pm. Learn where/how to ski Squaw and you can avoid the crowds for the most part minus those few lower mountain storm days. It’s plainly obvious that the cheap pass is here to stay so either learn how to adapt, go ski another mountain or grab your skins and stop complaining.

    • I'm a type 3+

      If Squaw is so “Extraordinary” KSL needs to learn to open terrain faster on the day or day after it snows. Not save it till the weekend.

      They need to hire more patrol, pay them better, and upgrade lifts.

      • gee gee

        i agree with type 3, but i will add that the fat ski crutch has made everyone faster and that wont change ever.

  • Morphious

    Harshing my mellow peeps! Times change! Everybody knew when the Cushing legacy was over things would change!!

    This season has been a rough one!

    Stoked! Yes…

  • snow

    I just want to add that I haven’t seen anyone bitching about how Squaw never opens their upper mountain or advanced runs until at minimum thursday after noon after a storm, most often not until friday so all their precious, rich, idiot driving weekend warriors can make it up. If it dumps on tuesday, open that shit wednesday!!! Its oh-so-obvious and way to apparent that this has been their style both this year and last year. Its insane!!
    ALSO, why is it acceptable for a corporation that claims they will stick with squaws local friendly reputation to post that they will open the entire mountain on their website at 8am, so then we all head there and find out they aren’t even spinning the funi, check the lift status’ again and you will see they updated it at 9:01am! No shit we are all there already when we probably would’ve gone somewhere they actually open. ASSHOLES

    • gee gee

      everyone has been complaining about the not opening the upper mtn, what are you reading? and the attitude is known around the world as bad and rude and too cool for school. lived here for 4 decades and skied all over the world, they think we are dicks!

    • Sh*t Geriatic Skier Girls Say, No Mountain Run This Year

      We did just turn around and go somewhere else that was open, and got more skiing done on much shorter or non existent lift lines, and paid less for the afternoon ticket, and enjoyed it. It was a good lesson in being spontaneous, “just shutting up and skiing,” supporting locally owned venues, and being in the moment. And then we ate dinner out, somewhere else, so somebody somewhere else got a nice tip.
      Not everybody wants or needs to ski advanced terrain, some of us just want to go up, and get out where we know we can ski, safely, not stand around waiting forever, or getting run over by 10,000 snowboarders.
      Gee, they have so many older peeps within easy driving distance, this is a money, effort, and time commitment, you’d think they could figure this out that it gets old REAL fast to discover the upper mountain isn’t on. All the other places manage to keep their websites updated as to what lifts are a go or not (very appreciated), their webcams don’t ice over constantly or show the same people frozen in position for 48 hours (!!!) and list what was groomed or not, the Squaw site shows this horrid little, nearly unreadable interactive graphic and says “scheduled”… and no matter what the temperature is, it says “packed groomed powder,” meh, wtf, when it was frozen rain over rocks and wtf all these baby TREES sticking up out of it, what “base,” if you have no effing base snow admit it, what a load of rubbish ! If I just want to drive up to look at crap, er, the scenery, I could just not bother to lug all the ski crap out to the car, pack the lunches, and then have to lug it all back into the house again that night and do it again 2 days later !!! And STILL end up somewhere else where the ^%$#@*($#@$$$ lifts were really running!!!

      Where are my socks? My spare gloves? The only sunglasses that work over my bifocals? Where is my orthotic insert? My ibuprofen? My snack for when my spouse complains he’s hungry? WHERE is my sanity ?

      At least this website has the real weather/conditions and the videos. Thanks.

      • Why This Local Loves Mid-Week Storms

        Hey Geriatric skier girls??? have I or can I slept/sleep with you? I love your honest attitude. Grateful, thx…. tell all your friends too.

    • T.C.'er

      oh I bitch… the lifties, full timer ski patrolers, management phone lines, when they say granite and siberia are on weather/windhold and you can see the powder and feel no breeze… I just wish they had the “$-hold color” on their lift/trails section of their app so at least I would know.

  • skisquaw

    The Photo in this article says it all. I’ve skied Squaw since I was 5- and those lines suck! Their Northstar team that works there now sucks- they don’t get it at all! Ten years from now KSL and team will have developed and ruined such a special place and they will have failed. Alex has kursed KSL. Put his photo back up already. Give the Sport Shop their lease back. We’ll keep walking around your commercial. Yeah for Chammy. Rocker sucks.

  • Carlo Bontempi

    what seems different to me with KSL the chronic lower mountain open only b.s. whenever there is any excuse. this is what is causing congestion and it sicks hairy balls. powder days on weekends, yep, gone in 60 sec. I expect that. weekdays you can still have fun. so Ill buy, and if I have to ride weekends I just lower my expectations. But please KsL open the frickin mountain already!

  • RON

    I would still pay for this–(imagine, actual ski related benefits in a ski season pass):

    PLATINUM – $1499
    Valid 7 days a week beginning November 20 through the end of the season
    Perks include:
    Invitation to 1 early up date per month
    • Access to Squaw out of bounds program
    • Ski with Jonny Moseley dates
    • 2 complimentary Adult All Day lift tickets
    • 10 FREE Adult group lessons
    • Hosted passholder party
    • 20% off Squaw Valley retail purchases
    • FREE 10 Wax Card
    • 4 vouchers for $20 off an Adult All Day lift ticket
    • Summer Cable Car with purchase by May 11

    • D$

      Dude you’re high as a kite.
      I’ll take an epic pass, a sierra pass and a bear valley pass for that price

    • Another view

      D$, Ron is just quoting a former deal that Squaw offered. I think that was about 3 or 4 years ago. You youngin’s have so much to learn…

  • Squallykook

    my buddy said he could ski straight onto the lift at kirkwood today. no wait and lots of untracked. hmmmmm, maybe i’ll be kirklykook next year. emerald bay closures is the deal breaker for me. i still love squaw despite KSL trying to ruin it.

  • Skierr Man

    i agree with TIm. FUCK KSL and FUCK Andy Worh”less”. I’ve lived in Tahoe City and called Squaw my home for the past 7 seasons and after this season (nothing to do with the horrid snow conditions) i’m 100% leaving. KSL has ruined what was an amazing mountain. It’s not all about money you WORTHLESS POS!

  • HaytinHater

    Hahaha. I thought squaw was so bad ass? You fuckin pretend bitch ass skiers. Have fun waiting in line to ski shit snow with 4000 people. Lol. What a waste of life. Your all hardcore though

  • Ski Bum

    Your post didn’t talk about the pass insurance option. If you get hurt or have a valid reason that you cannot ski, the insurance will cover you. Without that, I think you will be S.O.L. next season. I think it’s $30. Sounds like s smart move because it’s a small investment on a big ticket item.
    The prices did go up slightly for new pass holders that are not renewing and there is a lot of competiton from other mountains and multi pass options. It will be interesting to see what happens next year. It could be less crowded.
    It would seem the people with ski team kids wouldn’t matter too much as they (the kids) don’t wait in line on the race courses for training as much as the public.

  • disappoint

    KSL is double counting Saturday blackout dates on the bronze pass, 16 days not 19. 12/26-12/31, 1/5, 1/12, 1/19, 1/20, 1/26, 2/2, 2/9, 2/16, 2/17, 2/23

    I’m done with Squaw, the lines are ridiculous, not to mention the traffic coming in on 89 on a pow day. When it is snowing and slightly windy, the top of the mountain is closed. After the storm, there are 321432767 people there.

    Squaw has amazing terrain, but the most FUN days were not there. They were at smaller resorts with less people. Maybe not as awesome terrainwise as Squaw, but I got lots of runs in, little to no lift lines, aka FUN. On storm days I rode Lookout at flatstar, but it was actually open up top and had no lines, aka FUN.

    After all this bitching, will I get a pass anyways? Maybe for Alpine and maybe midweek at Squaw, dunno

  • Powder hound

    I’d take higher prices and less lines on powder days.
    After skiing squaw for 35 years I found myself really hating how badly Andy and KSL are running the mountain. They may be good at marketing (maybe too good) but they sure suck at Operations. For us it’s not the $699 price tag, we spend over $5K per year on family passes, locker room and ski team. Thats before the money spent on gas, food and lodging. With that level of expense one has to really wonder if we are better skiing squaw mid week and spending weekends at another mountain. It pains me to even type this since the whole family has spent their lives skiing squaw.

  • JJ

    FYI this makes us a bit sad–because my wife and I really want to keep a Squaw home base–it is just that Kirkwood-Northstar-Heavenly-Vail-Beaver Creek-Breckenidge-Keystone-Arapahoe for a lower price is pretty hard to pass up. Which is why I am trying to justify spilling 4K on season passes this year. But having a hard time. (and before you get on me about parking costs–being able to stay at Embassy Suites or that ilk & get Hilton or Marriot points for 1/4 the price–with availability in the Holidays plays a bit of a role). Granted compared to prior years this is cheap & compared to east coast this is cheap–I just thought Squaw would have been more competitive. Ski & Ride Conditioning Classes??? WTF?

  • JJ

    Now the dilemma. Gotta buy me, spouse & 13yo. I think the Epic pass is the better deal–and I can’t not get that. So that’s a done deal. The Squaw blackout dates are more likely the dates we would be up with the little ones or maybe travelling out to Colorado to take full advantage of the Epic–so buying the Squaw Gold on top of the Epic is probably overpaying. So now do we go with a Silver or buy one off tickets when we choose to go Squaw? Have the Gold pass now, but that was pretty heavily devalued (gee the card gets 30% off in the stores, but everyone else gets 40%), shell gas & other 2for1, etc.– . Realistically–the 2013 pass benes are pretty crappy–you can golf at some turkey course or something–and a couple bucks off the parking structure. Free dawn patrol was really cool–but the hotline said that wasn’t in for next year. Speaking of which I still have to unload 3 of the 6 free gold comp tickets we were given…

  • bum

    Stop having god damn babies and this shit won’t happen… or just not give a F*&K and still have fun and shred pow.

  • likeOMGkt22

    Hit up Homewood on the 17th & 18th and it was epic. No lines, endless powder through the trees, and the ticket was $50. I doubt i’ll ever return to Squaw & Alpine.

    • T.C.'er

      When I got stuck in the avy control traffic on 89 (a place I have never ever been stopped at, next to big water welding, between T.C. and alpine) I took it as a sign and went to homewood that weekend. Both those days at homewood were sooo sick… no lines anywhere, quad lap tree runs face shots, and ellis was ridiculous all day long. Still the last best kept secret in tahoe. It isn’t squaw… but faceshots after faceshots just feel right sometimes.

  • Knuckledragger1

    Never thought a lower price would discourage me from buying something, but sure enough!

    Lift lines were ridic, everything is tracked instantly, parking lots were ridic, alpine doesn’t have nearly enough parking to begin with, etc. It was almost intolerable for me as a local, can’t believe people from the bay would drive 3+ hours to endure it. If I were a weekend warrior, I’d def be looking elsewhere.

  • reesh

    stay away for Sugar shit, it costs a lot of $$$ it is small, and it’s not owned by a corporation which is just trying to make all of you happy!!!!!!!. Sqalpine rules!!!!!!!!

  • jdubbs

    As much as I love Squaw, I’m kind of over the ridiculous lines, the tracked out pow 30 min after a storm, the short runs. I’m not going to renew my pass this year and start checking other places out. Plus only got in 3 days on my $460 pass.

    • Ski Bum

      The season is not over yet. If you only got 3 days, maybe you could come up a few more times and get some of the new snow?! Certainly it’s not Squaw’s fault that you only got 3 days, is it? Turn off the computer and drive to Tahoe.

  • Squally

    Seems the days of doing laps on powder days is long gone at Squaw. And Alpine isn’t much better :(

    I’m thinking of getting a Sugar Bowl pass just for the powder days. Or maybe find somewhere to stay in South Lake and get the Kwood-Heavenly-Flatstar pass

    • Junk Show

      Not sure when “laps” were available on pow days, but certainly wasn’t in the recent past since mid-90s. The current pass and lower-mountain-only situation is a whole new level of cluster though.

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