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When will Squaw Valley Close? | Rumors are Flying | What's your Prediction?

Happy fun pow time anyone??

Happy fun pow time anyone??

After a dismal winter the question on everyone’s mind is: When will Squaw close?  Rumors are flying, with everything from two weeks out, to the first of May, to a weekend only schedule.  Here’s a breakdown of a few scenarios I foresee:

The Early Close

  • Squaw shuts their doors on April 8th
  • It snows all of April
  • Riots ensue
Riots in France coming squaw?
This could be the scene at Squaw given an early close

The Weekend Schedule:

  • Squaw closes their doors midweek starting next weekend
  • Still much less than ideal
  • Locals at a loss what to do midweek
  • Riots still probable

KSL Acts Normal and Closes May 1st

  • Everyone is content
  • Squaw records the biggest April to date (don’t worry, I put an order in for loads of snow)
  • Smiles abroad
Squaw Palisades looking fat

Maybe we'll even get to see the Palisades bowled out once again!

The Late Close:

  • It snows all of April
  • It continues to snow into May
  • Squaw remains open through May and reopens for 4th of July shred fest

I don’t know about you peoples, but I’m very much into the final option.  At this point, it’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen.  With a winter that has failed to turn out thus far, but with the potential to snow 10 feet in 5 days, we may have pow, mank, or maybe no snow at all this spring.

The week ahead...looking promising!

The week ahead...looking promising!

What do you guys think?  Snow and lifts a’ spinnin’?  Or Will we see our beloved mountain shutdown a month ahead of schedule?

  • Keep it Purple

    You have to figure KSL took an ENORMOUS bath financially this year. At this point, they are probably scaling everything back. No new Granite chair, no real on-mountain improvements. Just a bunch of overpriced “brand name” stores in the village and, if rumors are true, a giant water park. Yeah, that’ what Squaw needs.

    And in Andy’s defense, he isn’t KSL, and he’s an actual skiers. KSL believes that Tahoe is the Front Range, and that what we’ve really been crying out for is a Gnar Burger. Douchenuggets, for sure.

    • Why This Local Loves Mid-Week Storms

      hey ‘hatin”limp-dick”hater’? if you’re life is sooooooo fuccing good, then why do you spend all your time here always bitching about how much SquallyKooks bitch??? WTF???

      just askin’

  • Anonymous

    Squaw announces pass prices 2012-13

    Can you say GNAR? Anyone??? This should be fun as hell. Remember it strictly says ‘Adults’ so they shouldn’t have any problem with say Naked Golf.


    Gold & Silver Adult Passholders Get the New & Exclusive California Adventure Package™ when Purchased by May 7, 2012:
    Valued at over $1000 this package is exclusively for Adults who purchase their Gold or Silver Tahoe Super Pass for the 2012-13 season by May 7, 2012
    Adult passholders buy one night get one night free lodging offer at KSL Resorts – Hotel del Coronado or 800-468-3533, La Costa or 800-854-5000, Rancho Las Palmas or 866-423-1195. Valid May 1, 2012-April 30, 2013. This special offer is valid daily, excluding holidays, and is based upon availability. Some restrictions apply. Reservations must be booked directly with each KSL resort by phone or website. Reservations are not commissionable to travel agents or any third party and may not be used with any other promotion. Must present their valid pass upon check-in. Offer valid on room only rates. Blackout periods may apply, therefore, reservations are based upon availability. using these promo codes (will include link to appropriate booking site)
    Free golf – Three FREE Rounds of Club Corp Golf-Turkey Creek, Empire Ranch and Teal Bend. Receive one complimentary green fee at each of the three Club Corp Golf Clubs. Tee times available up to five days in advance. Driver’s License and activity voucher must be presented to the golf pro shop. A $15 cart fee is required. Offer valid May 1, 2012-April 30, 2013.
    6 complimentary Ski & Ride Conditioning Classes at Western Athletic Clubs-Bay Club Marin, Bay Club San Francisco, Pacific Sprots Resort Redwood Shores, Courtside-a Pacific Sports Resort, Decathlon-a Pacific Sports Resort, Pacific Sports Resort San Diego, and coming soon Bay Club Silicon Valley- for Adult passholders. Classes begin September 1, 2012.
    Plus all of the benefits below:

    See you for the 1st annual GNAR Golf!!

  • Cornholio

    Well, you can’t promise sick pow conditions, but if it were up to me, you can certainly predict sick corn conditions by farming certain slopes for smooth sickness..smoothies?!? Pow is overrated, especially this time of year with the high sun angle, but spring corn conditions rock pretty hard here in the sierras.

  • Blair

    Alpine’s open later than Squaw?! I guess it comes down to operating costs but you would think Squaw would be open longer since they have the pool and hot tub.

    • anon

      Guess they don’t want a bunch of low life passholders clogging up their pipes. There’s very little $ to be made off passholders in the spring, but the tourists will spend $$$ to ride the cable car….er, I mean the arial tramway and buy food & drink. Count them beans.

    • Anonymous

      This does seem a bit strange that Alpine will stay open later, esp. since Squaw has a village to support and Alpine doesn’t have squat.

      Another illogical decision by Squaw/KSL Mgmt, don’t ya think?

  • Ryan S

    Guaranteed Squaw will close much later than Bogus Basin….but the hiking for turns will continue at Bogus until early June.

  • jdubbs

    I got 3 days in on my $469 ski pass thanks to mother nature and a busy work schedule slaving for little pay and yet paying incredible rent here in SF.
    Only cost me $156/day to ski squaw! This is the life I live. Think you can handle it?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  • snowgoddess

    I would like them to close on August 16 (so I can ski on my birthday) and re-open on October 16. I’d also like to have first chair on that new high speed Granite chair they promised us. Is 2 months enough time?

      • anon

        Anybody have info on why the plans have been put on hold? Oh well, it’s not like there’s ever any lift lines at Granite. That’s because there’s no worthy terrain back there. Also, since Squaw now closes at least a month early and didn’t even run Granite last spring, it’s better to spend that $50 mil on cookies, flat screens and cabanas. Can anybody tell me what on-mountain improvements have been made? And no, Starbucks, magic carpets, and safety bars don’t count. How many more years until KSL sells?

      • Anonymous

        WTF Doctor??
        That’s right, NStar spent $39,000,000.00 on snowmaking and infrastructure, have a world class terrain park and superpipe and Squaw bought flat screens and expanded the cookie shop 3x.
        So what’s your prob???

        5 years is the model, alpine patroller asked some KSL douchebag in a meeting after the merger the same question, how long? answer was 5 years. Wirth’s employment record 21 resorts, 25 years says it all. He knows or cares nothing about on mountain ops and local long time employees. Can’t wait to see him go.

  • Anonymous


    Squaw/KSL all winter has been touting EXTRAORDINARY as their marketing motto

    so I ask Squaw,


  • Don't choke your kony

    I think someone saw your article.

    From AM’s facebook
    This just in! Alpine is scheduled to remain open daily for skiing and riding through April 29 and will remain open Friday through Sunday through May 13. Bring on the spring skiing!

  • Steve

    Andy Wirth told me the tentative date is set for April 30th. But looking at the calender that’s a Monday, so maybe the 29th. I don’t remember.

  • Ski Bum

    Squaw and Alpine open daily through April 29th. Alpine open Fri-Sun until May 13th conditions permitting. 4th of July?? Anybody’s guess, but doubtful.
    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!

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