Squaw closing date up for debate



When will Squaw Valley Close? | Rumors are Flying | What's your Prediction?

Happy fun pow time anyone??

Happy fun pow time anyone??

After a dismal winter the question on everyone’s mind is: When will Squaw close?  Rumors are flying, with everything from two weeks out, to the first of May, to a weekend only schedule.  Here’s a breakdown of a few scenarios I foresee:

The Early Close

  • Squaw shuts their doors on April 8th
  • It snows all of April
  • Riots ensue
Riots in France coming squaw?
This could be the scene at Squaw given an early close

The Weekend Schedule:

  • Squaw closes their doors midweek starting next weekend
  • Still much less than ideal
  • Locals at a loss what to do midweek
  • Riots still probable

KSL Acts Normal and Closes May 1st

  • Everyone is content
  • Squaw records the biggest April to date (don’t worry, I put an order in for loads of snow)
  • Smiles abroad
Squaw Palisades looking fat

Maybe we'll even get to see the Palisades bowled out once again!

The Late Close:

  • It snows all of April
  • It continues to snow into May
  • Squaw remains open through May and reopens for 4th of July shred fest

I don’t know about you peoples, but I’m very much into the final option.  At this point, it’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen.  With a winter that has failed to turn out thus far, but with the potential to snow 10 feet in 5 days, we may have pow, mank, or maybe no snow at all this spring.

The week ahead...looking promising!

The week ahead...looking promising!

What do you guys think?  Snow and lifts a’ spinnin’?  Or Will we see our beloved mountain shutdown a month ahead of schedule?