In Japan, vending machines are everywhere. The majority of them sell simple things like soda, coffee, or beer. However, some offer much, much more. Here is a list of the 10 strangest things that can be bought in Japanese vending machines.



The 10 Strangest Things You can Buy in a Japanese Vending Machine


In Japan, vending machines are everywhere. The majority of them sell simple things like soda, coffee, or beer. However, some offer much, much more. Here is a list of the 10 strangest things that can be bought in Japanese vending machines. 

1. Eggs.

Vending machine eggs.


2. Cars.

Vending machine cars.


Smartcars only of course. Anything larger would just be ridiculous.

3. Used Schoolgirl Panties.

Schoolgril panties.



4. Rice.

Vending machine rice.


Not just any rice, but 25 lb bags that cost $60.

5. Pet Rhinoceros Beetles.

Pet rhino beetle.



6. Soda.

Robot soda.


This one isn’t so much about the product being vended as it is the method of vending. This robot-slash-coke-machine wanders around Shibuya Station shooting lasers at you. It is also some sort of super hero.

7. Porn.

Porn vendor.


This machine has curtains that cover the content during the day and open up at night. Plus, prison bars for extra security.

8. Canned bread.

Canned bread machine.


9. Umbrellas.

Umbrella machine.


10. French fries and hot dogs.

Fried food vendor.


Fast food, prepared just for you on the spot (or maybe not).


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  • suti

    Hehe those bars on porn machine makes it seem like ’tis valuable stuff they’re selling. Also that they get broken into a lot.

    suti remembers an NHK program showing how they also have vending machines for a prepared ramen meal, hot and everything. Wonder why they can’t work over here in America.

  • pj

    how about the beetle ,it would make a good landscaping buddy.The long antenna beetles here in tahoe are quite friendly and will sit on my shoulder while i mow lawns for GRATEFUL

  • Frank Furter

    Why was the porn machine the only one with steel security bars on it? How do you know that the panties were worn by a schoolgirl and that there’s not some used up old hag or assembly line of hags opening boxes of panties, rubbing them on their stinky tunas and boxing them up for resale?

  • Fuubi

    haha I’ve seen one of the porn vending machines. It was located near the place I was staying at in Okazaki, close to Nagoya. I was so tempted to buy just to be able to say I’ve bought porn from a vending machine XP

  • Steve

    I lived in Okinawa for 3 years and never once saw a panty machine, not even in a red light area. Japanese people live lives filled with respect and honor, traditions long lost here in the states.

  • Stephen

    Wow, you are right. Those are some items I did not expect to see in vending machines. I’ll be heading to Japan so, I’ll get to see for myself.

  • Brittany

    I would like to inform everyone, though it may have already been stated, the used panty vending machines have been banned in Japan. They CAN be found, but only in the darkest areas of the red light districts. Most of these vending machines come few and far between. In fact, the time I was in Japan, I never saw any of these machines, the closest I found was something similar to the egg vending machine.

  • Anonymous

    wtf is soda on here? How is that weird to sell in a vending machine? and why wouldn’t beer be on here? How is that not weird to sell beer in vending machines? Did someone do this top 10 list in 10 minutes? And wtf is used panties not #1?!

  • Made in DNA

    As an expat living in Japan for 15 years, I had encountered nearly all of these machines, except one “used s,hoolgirl panty” machines. Brcaue they don’t exist. The machines in the photos dont claim to sell schoolgirl panties, and it is illegal to sell used underwear as of the early 2000s. Moreover, look at the photos of the girls and the panties… a little mature for high school, no?

  • Monica

    What I see here is a civilized society that can actually have vending machines that aren’t looted, stolen or vandalized. Culturally, Japan is a fascinating place that us “Gaijin” can probably learn something from.

    • Lee Lyon

      Very true. While I was looking for good vending machine pictures, I saw a couple of “Honor System” vending machines. Yep. You take the product, leave the money in a box. And it works here.

      • Monica

        Oops Lee, That was supposed to be a thumbs up! As you know, it’s a society based on honor. Whiskey, beer in a vending machine in the US? Never. I am still so impressed with how the Japanese handled the whole tsunami event. No looting while patiently waiting for supplies, etc. So not the case during Hurricane Katrina.

      • Made in DNA

        Monica, can I ask you a giant favor? Please don’t ever use the word “gaijin” in refer to non-Japanese like you just did. The use is incorrect. Moreover, historically, it is a word used to separate people from a group ala Us and Them, and is not very nice. Thank you.

      • Anonymous

        15 years? If so, you should have realized by now it’s just a word that 99.9% time is not use offensively. And the people who do use it offensively are going to be nasty no matter what they call you.

      • Anonymous

        First of all I don’t claim to be in expert in Japanese words but I found that the Japanese use the word がいじん (Gaijin) to mean foreigner and I hear it all the time in Japan. It doesn’t have any negative connotations to it. The Japanese language and culture takes impolite and polite speech very seriously so if the word gaijin did mean something bad I’m sure that I wouldn’t hear it as often as a do in Japan. Also I did ask a native Japanese person and they said it just means foreigner and that there’s nothing bad about it. I don’t why you think that the word is bad maybe in some other parts of Japan it can be rude. I live in the Kobe/Osaka area so maybe in Tokyo or something it can be mean. There might be something I’m missing here so feel free to let me know if there’s anything that you can add to this. I just don’t want people to be confused if they ever come to Japan and they hear people calling them Gaijin.

  • jeff williams

    i’d heard rumors of the used schoolgirl panties vending machines(supposedly there are lines of businessmen) glad that myth has been confirmed…what wonderful and fascinating people the Japanese are

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