Squaw got KT-22 open on Jan 25th after the big storms last week. The next day, it rained to 10,000. That night, it froze. Now, it’s hot (50 F in Squaw right now at 2:45pm) and the coverage is scant. The snow on KT today was either cooked, deep mank or old, tracked, frozen chunder with more sharp angles than chinese throwing star.



Squaw Valley’s KT-22 = As Bad As It Gets..... Photo Tour


Glare ice shining on KT-22 today

Squaw got KT-22 open on Jan 25th after the big storms last week.  The next day, it rained to 10,000 feet.  That night, it froze.  Now, it’s hot (50 F in Squaw right now at 2:45pm) and the coverage is scant.

The snow on KT today was either cooked, deep mank or old, tracked, frozen chunder with more sharp angles than a chinese throwing star.

KT-22 snowflake

 After surviving the KT-22’s upper section, you’d make it to the Exhibition groomer and think you were safe.  You weren’t.  The snow on the Exhibition groomer is old, compressed, man-made ice that has been scraped by a hundred thousand ski edges.  Sliding sideways was the best way down…

KT death chunder today


– Closed until noon due to icy/horrible conditions

– East KT closed

– West KT closed

– Can’t access upper mountain via KT as Headwall is closed

– KT opened on the 25th, was open on the 26th, then closed for 3 days due to hideousness

KT today

One solution to this heinous snow problem is to just take the ‘Saddle’ groomer around it all.  That would be a solution if that whole side of KT wasn’t close.  Come to think of it, the entire other side is closed as well.  East KT and West KT are both closed and all you get is mid-KT and it’s screwed.  KT didn’t even open today until noon as the conditions were so bad and icy during the morning hours.

KT Mank/Ice

Yes, I can hear you saying that I’m being too negative already.  I don’t call this negativity at all.  This is reality.  And with nothing but 50 F, Sunny weather in the forecast for the next two weeks (/indefinitely), Squaw and KT are going to get way more ______ & ______.

The Fingers are not almost ready

If you do need the bright side, it’s that Granite was skiing well today and that there is absolutely no one on the mountain.  I am a thorough believer that if skis are on your feet, you’re having fun.  It’s just sad to see KT this way.

  • Zippy

    Sounds like poof…..poof……. poof……. poof…….. poof…….. poof when I listen. Looks like a white room when I look. Feels like nirvana when I feel. Stay home, Squaw rips.

  • Zippy

    Go away, it’s all mine. Stay home. Freshies for me forever. Selkirk, BC spliff and me. Ski Squaw you narly freaks.

  • Zippy

    That looks like the crap we had earlier before we got the dusty pow over my head for so many turns I couldn’t see or breath untill i got it together with the face mask at Schweitzer in January before we got more earlier this week and the whiners showed up to ski my snow when nobody is there but me. Stay home it’s mine and I want it all for me stay home. Don’t come here, ever it’s mine.

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  • Jumbo

    Squaw Locals have officially become the biggest whiners in all of the west. No doubt about it. So glad I left that place.

  • Mikegsus

    This is typical squaw conditions for this time of year( usually a little more sno) hopefully we get a typical spring and it will be all good, if you want winter sno move further east back towards ur home. The sno does suck but at least therre is nobody on the mountain and i don’t have to stand in line for an hour to take one run, while listening to some douche talk about how he slayed the fingers or palisades when it’s filled in like a pro ho’s wizard sleeve . The greats kill it in all conditions , not just when theres 800 inches love skiing not just ur ego claims, and it wuold be nice if squaw had any kind of park bring back the super pipe .

  • Pirate

    Granite has been rippin and no one is on it!

    My $.02 – If this site pisses people off so much they don’t need to read it. Come here to get stoked or legitimately discuss conditions and stop bitching in the comment field.

    • PK

      We’re all having a bit of a rough time, with the conditions, maintaining a good attitude and hoping for that epic day. I agree that skiings better than not skiing.

  • THEseason

    50+ Days on the mountains this year in Tahoe. Haven’t had a single bad day yet. Not sure what everyone is complaining about. Theres always something fun out there to ride.

  • green mt skier

    whah whah whah…its a crappy snow year…do what u can…in terms of a bight side..my son is ripping hardback w his mighty might buddies..i think this past month has been great for his skiing …cant grow up on power alone!!…

    it will come folks..be patient…

  • Jumbo

    The skiing in Sun Valley, Idaho is really good right now. Great coverage, cold temps, and tons of vertical. Come on out to Idaho and have some fun.

  • Flounder

    Quote of the week from a visitor, “Finally! Snow I can hear!” Oh, you whiny bitches – this counted as an East Coast powder weekend.

  • Thomas Como

    Anonymous Novel Writer:
    Please tell me you get paid by Unofficial to troll the site.

    You are too fucking lazy to ski Tower 16 entrance that you want BA running?

    You blame the 3′ of snow with 100% water saturation thats turned the mountain into an ice rink on poor grooming?

    You feel bad for tourists and pass holders?

    The “gearbox” isn’t coming from Switzerland. Our ninja lift maintenance is actually rebuilding the part. Yes, they are building the PART. Faster, cheaper, and more effective than ordering from Europe. Can your mtn ops do that?

    If KT and Headwall weren’t spinning all weekend with patrol and ops attempting to get terrain open, you’d be on here bitching about that too.

    Squaw One had a Tower default. Id explain but you wont get it. The Tram still ran right?

    Finally, if you are fucking stupid enough to believe anything a corporation and its front man are selling you, well then… YOU ARE a fucking idiot.

    Shut up and ski. Make the most of it.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure that part will be built to exact tolerances and make the funi run like the swiss watch that it is,,,,,, nice try though, good luck with that. didn’t know squaw had the ability to cast precision parts.

    • I ski squaw more than you.

      None of what you said really discredits what the initial poster said. His points basically boiled down to poor management, which he’s right. Running Headwall and KT were poor management decisions. Turning Squaw into another Northstar is another poor management decision – it’s like they say “trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.” And they probably will close down early this season (after we get dumped on) because revenues are low. And KSL will probably be out of here in a few year because that’s what private equity firms do.

      So I’m sorry but the “Novel Writer” is right, and your lame response doesn’t hold up. Who cares where the fucking gear box is coming from.

      • Hilarious

        Original poster cares and I quote:
        “I hear the new gearbox for the Funi is on its way from Switz. How the F did they screw up that?? That ought to be cheap.”

        I also care too. It’s getting fixed faster with Squaw doing it. Also, Fuck You and fuck everyone who bitches about KSL and management. Sick and FUCKInG tierd of listening to the bitching. Go ski you pussies. If you don’t like it, leave. Move somewhere else. Fuck! Fucking eh. Holy FUCK!

      • Love Squaw

        Amen. I’m with you. All the whiners are bumming me out. Move away, ski somewhere else! Buy a pass at Jackson Hole. Lack of snow is the problem. Not management, not Squaw Valley, etc. Death to Whiners!!

      • Anonymous

        Dude, you’ll be saying F#%K KSL when your job gets eliminated and then they are out of here in 5 years.
        Squaw has and has had many skilled, hard working and dedicated long term employees over the years.
        Witness many people of said description having their position eliminated because Corporate dicks decide the wage base for the eliminated position doesn’t fit in their current business operating model.
        KSL had no clue what the costs would be in operating Squaw, nor what the unforeseen costs of upgrading and renovating old infrastructure would entail.
        Did anyone attend the KSL SV Mutual District meeting today and hear the debate over water allotment and rights for the valley? Probably not.

        KSL had no idea what water rights and entitlements pre-existed in the valley pertaining to further lodging development and they are still pulling up their pants.

        Good luck with that KSL Kool-aid yer drinkin’.

      • I ski squaw more than you.

        “Sick and FUCKInG tierd of listening to the bitching. Go ski you pussies. If you don’t like it, leave.”

        I love it when people say “if don’t like it, leave.” It’s such a cowardly philosophy.

  • Miles Clark

    Rock Garden looked closed when I was up there. Guess I’ll give it a go tomorrow, or not. Granite is the spot right now.

  • TBAG-2 (Tense Bay Area Guy)

    this stuff is all just good training for when the ego snow falls. if you can ski this shite, you can ski anything

  • Not me

    I have tried holidays and MLK and just last weekend….conditions are
    “Dust over Crust with Ice”. You can find sections that are kinda fun but then you have 200 yard ice floes. Had way more fun at Alpine and I love Squaw. It’s a cluster fuck of crap conditions.

  • Surfer808

    I have tried holidays and MLK and just last weekend….conditions are
    “Dust over Crust with Ice”. You can find sections that are kinda fun but then you have 200 yard ice floes. Had way more fun at Alpine and I love Squaw. It’s a cluster fuck of crap conditions.

  • Snurfer

    What about Rock Garden you dickheads? Oh yeah did you hear – KT was OPEN! Go to Northstar if you want groomers.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it’s pretty much a total Shit Show out there @ Squallymart. cheap passes, free tickets for gold pass holders, and I still can’t sell em.
    Any of you clowns seen the amount of Squaw tics for sale on Craigs? F-ing joke I tell ya.

    ‘Here boys, here’s some free tics for ya after hosing all you gold pass holders with lifting the black out dates on silver and bronze. No worries though, you can try and sell ’em, but they ain’t WIRTH a shit’.

    Wait till JT or whoever has to escort a bunch of nimrods cashing in their free ‘Dawn Patrol’ b.s. when the snow flies again? What a shit show Wirth created there too.

    Why don’t the … get a clue? Tower 16 was manageable but a joke to get to. Run B.A. chair, that’s a concept….instead of the round about way to get to 16. Oh yeah, they ‘Tried’, (‘Squaw, we try’) with squaw one the last couple of days, but that was running erratically today and finally had to close. Operator error? On the job training? Incompetent management? Or all of the above? What’s the excuse this time Squaw?


    So anyone even try to venture up for a Siber run? Scary unless you had razor edges like me. What happened to improving things with better grooming on mountain Wirth?? WTF?? Save the LIP service for that ‘special tent’ of yours. You’ll be outta here in a few years anyway. Just wait till Mr. Shannon gets my letter about your on the job performance. Like we really needed mini-snomos and snoventures this year, F@%K!!!!!! This is SQUAW VALLEY!!!! Not F-ing Northstar or Steamboat.

    I feel bad for tourists who bought into the marketing hype and are stuck spending their hard earned dollars on Shit!!!

    The reason they run empty chairs on standby during the weekend is so they can F@%K over people by charging full price and not feel bad about it. Plain and simple. Just wait till they close early in Mid April and cite expense v. revenue. Think they’ll care about those empty chairs then?

    I hear the new gearbox for the Funi is on its way from Switz. How the F did they screw up that?? That ought to be cheap.

    At least the new CABANAS look real tacky. The F-ing bus stops in Truckee look better than that Shit.

    Hey Nancy, you gonna buy us Squaw back after KSL runs it into the dirt?? I’ll take a few money hold days over the current shit show going on. Please, pretty please,,,,,,,!

    On a more positive note, yeah, GC did ski better than anything else.

      • Anonymous

        He posed valid well constructed reasons to be pissed off, and the best rebuttal you got is to call him a “whiny bitch”? You have to understand unlike you there are some people who ski here more than two weeks a year.

    • Love Squaw

      Do us all a favor. I’m begging you…
      Leave Squaw forever and take Nancy with you.
      Buy an expensive pass at another mountain. Oh, you can’t find an expensive pass in Tahoe??!! Well, maybe you and Nancy can move to Taos, NM!
      Go bum somebody else out.

    • Dr. OnePiece

      It is very common to spin lifts even if they are on standby. Especially when they have not run for a while. It gives them a chance to spin and staff the time to eliminate possible issues. Most definitely not to make management able to feel better about charging full price or cite expense v. revenue as a reason to close early.
      As far as the funitel gearbox, it is not an issue of anyone screwing anything up. It is as simple as your car breaking down. Never the right place or the right time. I will defend the crew that works on the funitel as i know their skills and ethics, which should not be questioned regarding the funitel being down right now. Wrong place, wrong time, and that also goes for the issue at Squaw One which was a simple issue that can happen at any time but unfortunately happened under conditions where a lot of scrutiny is abound.
      Simply put these are issues which happen all the time and never get a second look but are highlighted currently by the sad state of the winter and the questionable methods and tactics being implemented by our new “friends” at KSL.

      • Love Squaw

        Very good description. It’s refreshing to read a post from someone with a brain. If it was snowing like last year, none of this would matter. The crews all work very hard to make Squaw run safely and smoothly as possible.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed about the Funi crew, and props if they can fabricate a replacement part in house. that’s some skill there and KSL did not bring that skill from CO.

        As far as Squaw One,,,, I think it was the extra ‘white’ button that someone missed to get restarted,,,,

  • SquawRules

    Granite Chief was pretty OK on Saturday. Sunday we headed to Alpine and enjoyed great spring skiing in Sherwood Bowl. Best bet was going over the high traverse from Summit chair. Most everything else was sketchy.

  • Connor

    Andy loves to say that no one will drive 400 miles for just ordinary….well sir I wouldn’t drive 4 miles for that. Still waiting for you to inspire us Andy…

    • Lo

      Andy is the reason for global warming and the reason for a crappy season so far. In fact, he’s the reason why the economy is bad.

      • steve

        andy is a big douche, and good thing squat halved pass prices so a billion people show up for a couple snow flakes and ensure such pristine conditions. I liked it better when it was exclusive

  • Loch Ness Monster

    Squaw was pretty dicey on Saturday. Played around on the groomers but coverage sucked, it was pretty icy, and the kooks were out in full force.

    • Mike

      I skied Mt. Rose on Saturday. The conditions at Rose were much better than Squaw was on Friday. Rose had more groomed some runs.

  • Ash

    How come the iciness is so different from Granite?
    Would it have been any different if it had been opened earlier?!

    • Hugh Chardon

      Can’t explain it. It’s like all of Squaw and Granite are two different ski areas right now. Even way out by Smoothies was fun Sunday afternoon- no crowds and no ice. Nothing epic but it’s so different than most of the ice everywhere else. And Tower 16 had fun snow in the afternoon if you can ski like ur going thru a mine field of bush and rock

  • ATrain

    I agree it sucks…Tahoe ski season starts in a couple weeks when I’m throwing in the towel and leaving town…I hope I can be your sacrificial lamb.

  • Tyler

    Can’t believe they spund KT and Headwall all weekend on “stand-by”. It looked terrible and un-safe. Surprised they opened it today. How much do think it cost to spin a closed chair for 4 days? Was it just for show?

  • Danno

    Rock garden was good. Sketchy though if you’re not on it. I saw one dude that belonged on the saddle (which was closed) almost slide down and over some stones.


    I really do feel bad for you guys. What a disappointing year. You will probably be able to get amazing deals on equipment this year though… so there’s that….

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