{At 6am this morning, it was 45 F at 8,200 feet at Squaw Valley. The high forecasted today in Lake Tahoe is 62 F.} Rumors have been floating around about Squaw Valley closing until large storms come and give Squaw its first real snowfall of the season or until snowmaking temperatures return to Lake Tahoe. I don’t think Squaw could possibly close considering KSL’s financial situation, the fact that they have pledged $50 million in improvements, and that they recently fundraised $3 billion.



Will Squaw Have To Close? | 10 Days of 50 F Temps Forecasted


{At 6am this morning, it was 45 F at 8,200 feet at Squaw Valley.  The high forecasted today in Lake Tahoe is 62 F.}

Rumors have been floating around about Squaw Valley closing until large storms come and give Squaw its first real snowfall of the season or until snowmaking temperatures return to Lake Tahoe.  I don’t think Squaw could possibly close considering the fact that KSL is doing everything they can to make Squaw popular, that they have pledged $50 million in improvements, and that they recently fundraised $3 billion.

Squaw/KSL has the means to do what they have to do to keep Squaw open with a “rainy day fund” is fat, supple, and ample.  Closing would be bad for the community, bad for Tahoe business, bad for Squaw, & bad.  

This graph:  temperatures at 6,200 feet at Squaw Valley.  

graph of temps at squaw

Squaw Valley Temperatures the past 48 hours.  Only 9 hours below freezing.  Noaa.gov

Yet, there is one factor that good intentions and even money can’t control:  the weather.  Squaw has a reported 12” base that we all know is much thinner than that in many places on our only two open runs.  Combine that 12” base with highs in the 50s and 60s for at least 10 days and what do you get?  You get melting snow and lots of it.

Lows will be in the twenties at night, but it may not be enough hours per night to perform snowmaking.  Even if they can make snow, it may not be be effective against the temperature onslaught.

This scenario isn’t totally unheard of.  Mount Ashland in Oregon just closed until more snow arrives.

“Mt. Ashland is temporarily closing until the ski area receives enough snow to be able to reopen the ski slopes. Only four inches of snow fell at the ski area during an unusually warm and dry December that affected the entire western region of the U.S.” – Mount Ashland ski area officials, Monday.

Lake Tahoe Forecast from weather.com

no snow at squaw

Squaw Valley today


Nobody wants to see Squaw close, and I’m confident that they’ll be able to stay open.  But, this forecast is daunting and would make any ski resort CEO, ice, or snow crystal sweat.

What are Squaw’s options?  

Will Squaw have to close for a bit?

When is that first big storm coming to Squaw? (throw your guess in here)

Luckily, Starship Zebulon has got our back with what to do in Tahoe when it’s warm and sunny and nice out.  There are options and vehicles towards happiness despite the heat and lack of snow.

  • Anonymous

    Props to Squaw and employees for doing their best in some dire conditions.
    Having low priced meals available to employees at various outlets also helps cushion the blow of limited employment.
    What a messed up season, who could’ve predicted so much snow last year and so little this? Possible change late next week?? Let’s hope.

    Hatinhayter, just keep your low-life, negative energy up there, and when Jackson closes at end of March like last year, don’t come sniffing around here like you had to last year,,,

  • Mancuso's gold?

    Thanks Snowmakers and groomers! Red Dog and Resort are pretty long runs, with good vert. Slow down and make some turns, you get more time on the snow instead of the lifts. Any truth to rumors of a photo/film shoot going on in Squaw. I hear there are backflips done on postage stamps? Anyone, anyone, unofficial? Buller?………..

  • Bryce Bennett

    Since you guys are being so negative… I’m just gunna say Europe is waist deep right now…. sorry, was that mean?

  • raj

    HJomewood is closing Monday-Thursday until further snowfalls, but Fridays and weekends they’ll open. There’s even a new cruise from Round Hill on Friday, Saturday & Sunday = $99 return includes a lift pass. Sweet – I think I’ll be bored at Heavenly otherwise .

  • Nick

    Squaw Valley
    You all know we are open, right? 7 days a week. Period. And we are making as much snow as we can as often as we can. Comments keep popping up that make me think not everyone realizes this. So, just to be clear, we are OPEN and, though the terrain is limited, it has been super fun to carve up the corduroy. So get off the couch or off that desk chair and come on out for some sunny turns. In fact, that’s such a good idea, I’m going to get out of my own desk chair and make some turns. See you out there.
    Like · · Reshare · 19 hours ago ·

    / Facebook post from SV

  • ZeBod

    I heard that Squaw has blown through it’s water allotment, and will be closing shortly as they cannot make any more snow. Has anyone else heard this?

    • Veruca Salt

      Heard the same of Alpine.. but their water storage pond is visible and haven’t been up since xmas… Squaw has super limited water so there could be some truth to it.

      • justbob

        According to an employee at Alpine Springs Water, which supplies water to Alpine there are no limits on the water for snowmaking there. They will however get stuck with a substantial water bill.

  • Been there done that

    A big water storage area and modern snow making saved Mt Buller from fires in their summer of 06/07. Apart from saving capital items like lifts and hotels from fires, the upgraded recycle plant saved their bottom line in winter!

  • DHsushi

    Miles, the scenario is pretty unheard of when talking about ski areas that in fact do have snowmaking. Mt Ashland, which you compared to squaw, is also a not-for profit ski area that has two slow double chairlifts from the 1950’s that cover 90% of the resort. They have zero snowmaking and opened with natural snow.
    Squaw snowmaking= a joke

  • Justpc

    Squaw management and operations should be applauded for working miracles. They have worked hard to give us remarkably good skiing when nature is doing everything possible to keep this from happening. I appreciate the village makeover, new merchants and refreshing employee morale and genuinely positive attitudes. Squaw’s makeover has not gone unappreciated and I am looking forward to supporting their effort to continually improve.

    Keep up the good work Squaw and don’t let the few naysayers get in the way.

    • Andy H

      I’m with you…I sure am glad we’ve spent money on fake fire pits and new ticket windows instead of snowmaking infrastructure.

      Just because the employees are smiling at you does not mean that their morale is high…

  • Andy wirthless

    I love how there isnt even freedom of speech on this shithole website… I posted a comment earlier that Karma is a bitch and Andy Wirth isnt welcome in tahoe but obviously thats not allowed to be said… otherwise it just gets removed…

    • donner summit skier

      I love how Jackson is trying to get their digs in… yea kick us while we are down. When do you close for the season again? No matter how much snow you get?

  • Travis Ganong

    Skiing was really fun at Squaw today. The quality of the snow made the runs stay smooth and rock free all day. Skied a bit at alpine as well and the inversion up high over there is wrecking havoc on the snow. Its super thin and rocks are everywhere. Alpine will most likely have to close Summit in the next few days and more after that. Squaw has a huge advantage because the inversion is keeping temps cold at night on red dog and SC, and the snow isnt melting because of the northern exposure of those areas. And the crowds are gone so you can open it up! Its super fun! If you love to ski its worth checking out!

      • Keepin' it real

        If that’s the real Travis then Jeah better bow down and apologize. You couldn’t even stand on a World Cup course let alone ski it. STFU and move on!
        Travis, I think you meant “wreaking” not “wrecking”.

  • Charlie

    You all can complain about it but I agree with Ed. Any year before this one Squaw would have been closed for a long time now.

    Onto other business: if you don’t like the skiing right now, don’t ski and don’t complain about it. Nobody can control the weather. My advice: ski in the mornings at ski at Squaw (not Alpine). Alpine is apparently getting super rocky on their runs and Squaw still has smooth runs. KSL is shoving a hell of a lot of resources at the resort and we should all be happy for what we have. If you don’t like it, go to Northstar. And I think we all know that nobody here wants to go to Northstar.

  • SquawBear

    Anybody know Squaw’s policy on refunding season passes if I haven’t registered my college pass or picked it up?

      • Andy H

        This is why Squaw ACTUALLY bought Alpine. They are utilizing Alpine as a snow blocker. NO snow means more business in the village which is all KSL cares about. They are using what used to be the snow salters to vacume the moistuer out of the sky. They are then stockpiling it underground to be used later when they build their super mega village hotel resort. From what I hear Troy Caldwell might be involved.

      • Rufus Bluejeans

        god damn, this is exactly what I’ve been afraid of, but i didn’t want to say it because of all the nay sayers on this site

  • Ed

    the old squaw that everyone loves so would surely be closed by now. kudos to ksl for keeping at it. that said another couple weeks of juneuary and they will have no choice.

    • sucks to be you

      I can say I’m going to be a millionaire, but that doesn’t make it a fact. They gave a forward looking statement. There’s always risk in predicting the future, especially when weather’s involved.

  • 707

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that after Jan 17th the storms start to come in n after the 10 day forecast cold weather moves in,we can only hope n see what happens

  • Anonymous

    Skiing was surprisingly good today at squaw! And the snowmaking that they have done on red dog and squaw creek is a solid few feet deep and isnt going anywhere. And there was fresh man-made snow in a few spots that helped freshen things up. Why don’t you get out of the office and actually go skiing and enjoy what we have! It’s amazing how good I is considering 0 inches of snow in December and a month of above freezing daytime temps. Winter will come…

  • Kevin

    La nina ya right more like “La none year”. Oh well the MTB trails in Reno are looking good or perhaps a round of Golf anyone?

  • Steve K.

    This is BAD.

    Even if it starts snowing after the 10 day forecast it is still going to take weeks of non stop snow to get terrain open.

    what to do? what to do?

  • OB

    La Nina clearly dissaproves of the Squaw / Alpine merger. Forget about burning skis — burn the merger documents

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