Oh my Gobs of face-shots! And to think not even a week ago there was far more dirt showing than snow. After living in Mammoth Lakes for close to 10 years I didn’t doubt that one storm could turn



Powder Report | The Video is the Clincher | Unofficial Mammoth Conditions | January 23 2012


Oh my Gobs of face-shots! And to think not even a week ago there was far more dirt showing than snow. After living in Mammoth Lakes for close to 10 years I didn’t doubt that one storm could turn the whole season right around, yet somehow I was still skeptical that this storm was the one to do the trick. Well, after several laps off of Chair 22 today, I am convinced – our season has done a 180 in a big way.

Total snowfall for the entire storm… that’s hard to say. I would guess that on average we saw somewhere around 4’ of snow from Thursday-Monday; not bad. What’s truly great about this storm is how it came through: wet and solid for the first series, dry and abundant through the final set. In classic Mammoth fashion the storm first thoroughly coated the Mountain and then finished off by giving us some genuine powder to stuff our faces with. I need not say more than be sure to have a look at the video above – face-shot city!

Powder skiing and snowboarding at Mammoth, CA.

Chair 8 was the first to pop on the day. Let the Feast begin!



  • No better work-out than munching down on pow..
  • It dumped through most of the day (Monday).
  • Top never popped – lucky enough to stick around another day? I expect the top to open tomorrow (Tuesday).
  • Chair 22 was in operation for the first time this season – it was probably the top-spot to ride today.
  • Still much of the Mountain was on weather hold today. I suspect as blue skies return nearly all of the Mountain will be in play. Yes, after just one storm.
  • Genuine powder – we need not say more.
Chair 3 in a snow storm at Mammoth Mountain.

Chair 3 at 1pm. The snow continued to fall nearly all day.


  • If you weren’t on the hill today you missed out… sorry.
  • Lots of stuff still showing (aka little tree-tops, stumps, rocks) but coverage now permits nearly all off-piste travel. Great thing too is w/ people riding just about everywhere permitted, our new base is getting nicely packed and set.
  • Avi Chutes off of Lincoln Mtn slid big-time – hey, that’s how the cookie crumbles, ya’ know?
High alpine skiing and snowboarding

The top, before approximately 3 more feet of snow was added Sunday and Monday.


  • If you had intentions to ride park today you’ve got your head in the wrong place.
World Class terrain park covered in snow.

Here's your park report. Now go ride some pow!

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area.

Monday's storm started to taper off around 2pm. View from Canyon Lodge.


  • New Snow: Lots. Between last night and today it must have snowed close to 2’.
  • Base: 2′-4′
  • Weather: Temps are expected to rise heading into the week. At least there looks to be a North wind that will hopefully keep this warming trend in check.
  • Conditions: Powder, packed powder.
  • Lifts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 22, 25, Panorama Gondi (Bottom only), Village Gondi.
  • Runs:  If it wasn’t in an Avi path it was pretty much open.

Bottom line: Lots of hooting and hollering going down up on the Mountain today – how sweet it is.

  • Jimbo

    Dear Anti-Chest,

    even though the chest mount didnt capture your idea of a good shot, it captured some artsy ones that help make the edit. Open up a lil bit doooood ;)

    Sick edit Colin! Thanks!

  • Anti-Chest

    Dear Colin,

    Awesome video apart from the POV….

    Today looked awesome, so why would you ever use a chest mount… Chest mount on a pow day = a view of snow, not what your skiing or a view of your knees as you go off a cliff. Neither of which I particularly care about, what I want to see is where your skiing and what your skiing. Please in future always use a helmet mount, chest mounts are purely for on piste gayper footage….

    Apart from that, awesome edit, sick conditions, cool music…

    • Colin Farrell

      I checked in w/ Jimmy on this. The goggles are this year’s Smith I/O Need For Speed. He also noted that they fit perfectly w/ the helmet – providing clear view throughout somersaults every time.

  • Depech Powde

    Awesome footage. Looks like a great start to the season…

    THE SONG IS BY DEPECHE MODE… would be nice to give them credit, even thought K&D are badass too!

    • Colin Farrell

      That is most correct… Sorry for not properly representing. It is a Depeche Mode song off of the K&D Sessions Album.


  • Hello

    Amping clip! I can’t wait to get back up there soon. I have seen that guy Jimmy in the green and yellow coat killing it in the park all season this year too.

  • Lil' L

    Holy shitznado this video is sick!! Jimmy definitely knows how to kill it in the pow. Nice work Colin! Love the video!!

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