High Fives Athlete: Landon, a 16-year-old downhill mountain biker from Quesnel, B.C. Canada suffered a paralyzing spinal cord injury during a race on July 4, 2010.



The Landon McGauley Project | Chapter 4

With the help of the High Fives Foundation, the highly motivated young athlete, Landon is pursuing a dream of making the Canadian Paralympic Ski Team and competing in the 2014 Sochi, Russia Paralympic Games. This go-around, the Landon McGauley Project took on a different objective than those previous to it. Instead of dealing with deep snow as the group did in Chapter One and Two, or mosquitoes and the nuances of learning adaptive water skiing as seen in Chapter Three, Chapter Four was presented a new challenge: Mother Nature. 2011-2012 in Lake Tahoe has been the driest and most frustrating starts to winter in recent memory. With no snowfall since the fall months, the tourism-based economy has struggled to capture skier visits as snowmaking capacities at local ski areas have been pushed to the max. To “make lemonade from lemons” was the idea behind bringing a successful Chapter Four of the Landon McGauley Project to fruition. Low (or no snow) did not deter the steely-eyed skier from learning to set an edge on difficult snow conditions, how to tune his skis on a world cup level or most importantly to use every opportunity to improve on the road to Sochi. Landon, Chris, Rob and Pam McGauley are great friends of the High Fives Foundation and the next chapter in the Landon McGauley Project is in the works. Stay tuned to http://www.highfivesfoundation.org for more info, updates and details.

Words by Adam B of High Fives

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