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Silverton Opening Day - POW

 Silverton is one of those special places that always seems to exceed expectations and where it snows even when it’s sunny.  Opening day Saturday was one of those that you remember for a long while.   With not much snow for the last month, we were just anxious to ski some steeps, even if it sucked.  Well, it didn’t.  Silverton has some of the best terrain in the country and 99% of it was open.  It was top 3 for best opening days in history according to the ski area.  We had a great crew, amazing vibe, sun, dumping snow, big lines and tight trees.  We rode fresh pow late into the afternoon and then had the fortune of running into an old timer with a 62′ snowcat who asked if we needed a lift to a zone opposite the resort.  The free cat ride into an amazing spot capped off the best ski area opening day I’ve ever experienced.  More to come on the 62′ cat adventure…  What a great scene down there, can’t wait to return.


Sexy Silvy