Check out some climbing in Clear Creek Canyon outside of Denver.



Rock Report | Climbing in Colorado | Vol. 2

Clear Creek Canyon, CO is located about 30 minutes out of Denver and just seconds from Golden. Cleer creek plays host to some excellent sport climbs and also some trad climbs. Most climbs are right off the highway and take no more than 5 minutes to approach.  There are over 400 climbing routs in the Clear Creek canyon so there’s enough rock to go around. The rock in Clear Creek Canyon is mostly gneiss & schist with some sandy granite. Clear Creek Canyon provides lots of excitement…you will be climbing your friend will be kayaking and your dad can fishing. There’s always something to do…

For a complete list of climbs make sure to check out the book titled Clear Creek Canyon Rock Climbing. We had it with us and it a huge help.

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And if you missed the first Rock Report here’s a video of us climbing in Squamish, BC


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色々なゲレンデをライダー達と共にトリップして流れのある作りになっています。スペシャルゲスト、海外の遊べる緩いパークも登場します。ガールズライダー達も出演しているのでガールズにもお勧めです。全体的に身近なゲレンデや地形、緩いアイテムやジャンプが多く、今シーズン挑戦したいトリック満載です! 出演ライダー ◆Yuta Nakayama/ユウタ◆Hironari (…)