A Message from Squaw Valley CEO on the Squaw / Alpine Merger

TahoeTV.com brings us this video message from Squaw Valley’s CEO Andy Wirth on the merger of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. Andy
Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows Combine
Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Resort announced today that the two North Lake Tahoe ski resorts have agreed to combine operations under common ownership and offer season passes and lift tickets that will allow guests to enjoy skiing and riding on both mountains.

  • Mike Selby at Mt. Rose

    I fear Alpine users are the losers in this game. There is a reason many of us choose Alpine over Squaw. Its the “feel”, the vibe is about skiing and riding, not being a 70 mph jackass down Mountain Run. Alpine has always been a skiers mountain sans the frills of lots of Mercedes in the lot and cougars touting their new threads and boob jobs. I think Squaw skiers will be stoked at this move, devoted Alpine skiers less so. One thing if for sure… when Squaw’s upper lifts are on wind hold as they often are on big storm days, the line for Summit Chair at Alpine will be much much longer. No doubt about it.

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  • uh

    your an idiot, the buttress is inbounds, and if you let a closed boundry stop you from skiing munchkins, your a huge tool

  • Hors Piste

    Quelle disastre! Alpine invaded by powder hungry poseurs. Side country access closed a la Squaw…no Twin Peaks, no Munchkins, no Buttress without having your pass pulled. Kids programs swallowed up by big money hypercompetetive Squaw attitude. Season passes pushing a Grand, day tix for a cool Benjamin. Season lockers a grand. Same boring food for double the price. What’s not to like? Thank god the forest service prohibits any development at the base, or it would be Squallywood X 2.

  • Uncle Yuck

    Don’t hate the players, hate the game. Life is good . Alpine might get a few n00bs, but other than that, not much is going to change. I hope it takes some pressure off of KT. Gchief gets a highspeed soon. life is good!

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  • JT

    Haters! Personally, I am stoked on this. Two of the best mountains in the world under 1 pass? Nothing but goodness. For you all you squallywood bashers out there – don’t hate us cause we’re beautiful…

  • Jomama

    Can’t leave well enough alone could ya. This is AWFUL news – I skied/worked at Alpine to get away from the yahoo’s at Squaw – what an terrible idea this is, sad to see it’s done. Hopefully Alpine still retains some of it’s identity as the anti-Squaw but I can already see the gapers clamoring from some “freshies” on Saturday morning. More jokers tracking up great terrain….

  • Yoff

    I miss the old days when there was a hockey rink in the parking lot at Squaw where the restaurants and bars are now, when the cable car slipped off the wheels and an avalanche wiped out Alpine’s lodge. My jacket, hat, and gloves would soak through so I could freeze my a$$ off on a slow speed double chair on the way to ripping the moguls off KT on my 210’s that were skinnier than my boots while peaking through my fogged up goggles with a bandana frozen to my chin. Man, progress sucks!

    • Mike

      My dad tells the cable car story to everyone he can……while riding the cable car. “Oh, I remember I was working up here, and I knew it was too windy. So, I thought i better ski down. Sure enough, it crashed. Yeah, a few people died.” I love the reaction of first timers after he finishes his rant about it.

  • xavi

    To my knowledge da SquawlyWood Alpine merger started happening when squaw announced da $50+ mil thing n than when SPT stepped in it was clear a mergwr was on its way bcuz SPT builds at Alpine…da only ppl hating this is Alpine Meadows regs grow up n embrace change it not gone be uber pack on 6000 acres n I see White Wolf coming to da merge aswell…SquawPine best resort in USA!

  • Anonymous

    Q. What did Andy Wirth say when he ran out of pot?

    A. The mob scene lift lines at Squaw are caused by cheap passes, better go buy some more terrain,,,,,

  • jack

    Hey KSL please start building new lifts all over Alpine as soon as possible to ensure that all snow is cashed by 10am. We secretly hate earning our turns and can’t wait trade tracks for ease.

    • Lift squared

      He’s dedicated to making Squaw a fabulous mountain. Seems like a good guy. He’s been very good so far. I’m surpised/shocked that it actually happened. Until there is an interconnect trail, I don’t think it is going to have a huge impact.

    • Mike

      Something about him doesn’t sit right with me. I feel he wants to make Squaw and Tahoe an Aspen. It’s a terrifying thought.

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