No More Caffeinated Beer in California Law | Come-F#$king-On!!


beer california caffeine law

photo:  beer47.com

Ok, California might be considered mildly over-regulated. Just mildly, tho, mind you.  But, this?  This is f#$king ridiculous.  Let the people use legal recreational drugs as they see fit.  It’s getting to the point where we can’t even make our own decisions anymore.  Are we still calling this freedom? Does this start a horrible snowball effect?  Will you not be able to sell Coffee and Beer in California in the same store soon because of it’s potentially adverse combined effects on consumers.  F#$k me.  This is getting out of hand.

Granted, I don’t want to be exactly like the French.  But, you’ve gotta admit that they do have something figured out over there.  I happen to love the “go for it…and if it doesn’t work out…you’re f#$ked…and that’s just fine with us” attitude they’ve got. It’s sublime in it’s own ethereal way.

fat dude drinking caffeinated beerWhat Jerry Brown and Alex Padilla think will happen to you if you drink caffeinated beer in California.  photo: ransackmedia.com

So, here are the facts:

– Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that makes caffeinated beer illegal to sell in California.

– California is the 7th state to do this.

– Critics of caffeinated beer say it’s marketed to young people and that they lose control on this particular juice

– Some college students even were hospitalized after too much of it (yeah, college students have never been hospitalized for doing too much of any other drug, tho, thankfully)

The bill’s author, Democratic state Sen. Alex Padilla of Los Angeles, says the beverages are a threat to public health because they can mask the effects of alcohol. – sfgate.com

What do you guys think about this?  F#$king ridiculous or a necessary means of keeping the 38 million idiotic Californians from maiming themselves and others?
  • David Jensen

    The law passed actually protects any usage of natural sources of caffeine in beer. For instance, craft brewers can still use coffee and yerba mate in the beer they produce.

    • bill

      Exactly. Your Lagunitas Coffee Stout is still safe. If you read the bill it is narrowly focused on these drinks that are marketed to youth by making them look like energy drinks. One can is the equivalent to 5 beers and a cup of coffee. California isn’t the first state to act and won’t be the last to ban these drinks.

  • Braugh Deal

    Hi, you can walk down the street, pop in a shop, and walk out with pot. You’re seriously talking shit about this?

    Shit, you really do menstruate Squaw blood.

      • Kevin D

        +1 California is where everyone wants to be! Who needs caffeinated beer?
        Drink beer at night and coffee in the morning. I’d live here over Ohio/Ilinois/Kansas/Whatever Dakota any day of the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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