Weather Geek Update

Don’t put those- boards away just yet.
A low pressure system dropping down from the Gulf of Alaska is spreading snow across the Sierra today and has- the potential to deposit as much as- 6 to 10 inches of new powder above 7000 feet by Friday morning.
The storm is splitting as- the main low approaches the California coast, with the- strongest energy from the system- moving to the south. But even the piece that’s left for Northern California should keep Tahoe stormy throughout the day. And as the rest of the system parks itself off the coast of San Diego Friday, it might still be strong enough to brush NorCal and Tahoe with- the northern edge of its rotation, bringing continued cloudy skies and a chance for snow throughout the day.
Saturday looks fair- and Sunday should start out that way, but there is a chance of clouds and even- some snow late- Sunday as Tahoe gets brushed with the bottom edge of a storm passing us by to the north.
Six-day to ten-day outlook from the Climate Prediction Center:
Precipitation and- temperatures both below normal.

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