Shot this morning at Alta!

20″ of  new over the past 4 day will allow Alta to reopen tomorrow for skiing.

“We took one run with our friends from Ski Utah Yeti this morning to make sure the skiing will be good when we start spinning the lifts again tomorrow. In case you’re wondering, this is what it looks like to ski 20″ of untracked snow. Do it tomorrow when we drop the rope at 9:15am. See you there!” - Alta Ski Area

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  1. 123456.....9 says:

    Oh Come on !!!!!!!!!

  2. TheRealNapster says:

    That didn’t count

  3. little cottonwood says:

    Will allow for Alta to reopen?? Come on that. They could open with or without 16 inches of new snow. Dust.

  4. bleeee says:

    Nobody wants to ski Alta… everyone wants to ride it!

  5. madmarkuss says:

    Allowed them to reopen???? They would have been open this weekend even if it had been 70 and sunny all week.

  6. just sayin... says:

    alta sucks


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