Deep powder skiing

The reality is that these may not be THE top 20 biggest annual snowfall averages, but they certainly are 20 of the biggest snowfall averages.  Listed below are 22 of the deepest snowfall averages.

Hisorical Snowfall Statistics for ski resorts
Name of Resort Country annual snowfall in inches (in) annual snowfall in meters (m)
Mt Baker Washington USA 641 16.3
Mt Rainer Washington USA 624 15.85
Alyeska USA Alaska 600 15.24
Alta Utah USA 520 13.2
Snowbird Utah USA 500 12.7
Solitude Utah USA 500 12.7
Jackson Hole Wyoming USA 500 12.7
Kirkwood Mt USA 473 12.0
Rasutsu Japan 472 12.0
Stevens Pass Washington USA 471 11.96
Sugar Bowl California USA 464 11.78
Grand Targhee Wyoming USA 463 11.76
Squaw Valley USA 450 11.43
Niseko Japan 433 11
Nagano Japan 433 11
Hirafu Japan 433 11
Mt Hood Meadows Oregon USA 430 10.9
WhistlerBlackcombe Canada 407 10.3
Banff Canada 400 10.1
Big Sky USA 400 10.1
Powder Mt Utah USA 400 10.1
Whitewater BC Canada 397 10.1
Boreal USA 395 10.0
Crystal Creek Washington USA 390 9.9
Mt Washington BC Canada 383 9.7
Brighton Resort Utah USA 381 9.67
Wolf Creek Colorado USA 379 9.62
Chamonix France 377 9.6
Winter Park USA 369 9.4
Mammoth Calif USA 367 9.32
Steamboat USA 363 9.2
Fernie BC Canada 360 9.1
Heavenly USA 360 9.1
Canyons USA 355 9.0
Park City Utah USA 350 8.9
Jay Peak Vermont USA 350 8.9
Mt Bachelor USA 350 8.9
Vail Col USA 346 8.8
Furano Japan 315 8.0
Valle Nevado Chile 311 7.9
Aspen USA 300 7.6
Portillo Chile 295 7.5

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What ski resorts are missing from this list?

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  1. Chris says:

    What is Crystal Creek Washington?

  2. Lane says:

    Jay Peak! Damn you and your Jay cloud! I wish some of our other VT resorts had a dedicated cloud this winter. Sugarbush not even over the 100″ hump yet. Boo. Come on winter, I’m begging you!

    • snowmonster says:

      Love that Jay Cloud. I was talking to a liftie at Owl’s Head right across the border in Quebec. He says that they’ll be getting nothing and Jay’s got that cloud sitting right on top of it. Been going to Jay for years and I’ve never seen that place in the sunlight. Always dark and snowy. Yeah!

  3. a person says:

    what about irwin colorado, they average 600 – 800 and have been close to 1000 before

    • anonymous says:

      actually they surpassed 1000 during the 06-07 season and got around 800 last year.

      • Anonymous says:

        No fucking way co got 1000 in

        • MD says:

          Your right, it never snows that much…

          • Anonymous says:

            hard to get a list like this right,,U.S canada and japan ect ect measure their snowfall at the top of the resort,,europe measures their snowfall at the bottom of the resort,,,

        • RP says:

          Tell that to the the CB locals they know the truth about Irwin lodge. google irwincolorado

        • CB says:

          your thinkin breck, you gotta thing west elks brooooooo. Do you even know what those are?

        • Anonymous says:

          Irwin Colorado should be #1 on this list, it gets OVER 600 inches on average per year, and some years it hash gotten around 800 inches. Colorado holds the record for most snow in US history in a single 24 hour day (factual record). There was even a time when Irwin Colorado got close to 1,000 inches in a year. For those who think Colorado couldn’t possibly get that much snow, here’s a little fact: Colorado is #1 in U.S history for the MOST snow in a single day, even beating Alaska for the record. SilverLake, Colorado got over 76 inches of snow in 24 hours. It went over 87 inches by the 28 hour mark. Yes, 76 inches in just 24 hours, or in just one day!!! That means in just 24 hours, Colorado SilverLake, Colorado had gotten OVER 10% of the entire YEARLY snow-fall of Mt Baker Washington (which Mt Baker is incorrectly listed as #1). Yes, crazy huh? To be exact SilverLake, Colorado in 24 hours got exactly 12% of the ENTIRE YEARLY snow-fall of Mt Baker Washington, which they falsely claim to be #1. This list needs to be updated. Put Irwin Colorado in the #1 spot and it’ll be accurate — everything else seems to be fine.

        • jim says:

          Yes fucking way Colorado gets that much snow in places. Sorry these facts made you cry!

    • RP says:

      YES! I vote for Irwin too. Almost always doubles the Butte due to geography and location

  4. Nick says:

    Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood in Oregon definitely gets more snow than Meadows.

  5. Dr Longwood says:

    Missing all the Colorado spots with 400+… Loveland, Wolfy, Silverton ect.

  6. Dr Longwood says:

    Oh I see you have Wolf Creek at 379, but I’m pretty sure it’s well over 400. Loveland has a 31 year average of 422.

  7. shralp says:

    mt rainier is not a ski area.

  8. Evan says:

    can someone explain to me how all the utah resorts are different. Solitude and Alta definitely do not get over 100 inches than PC. and canyons/PC are the same freakin thing!

    • YES! says:

      yes they do. and alta even gets slightly more than snowbird. look at the snowpack right now, little cottonwood is deeper than pc.

    • slowdive says:

      it’s def true — due to a (considerable) diff btw base elevations (7000 in P City, 8 to 8.5k in Cottonwoods …. and Sundance — only 6100 ft, hence rain a la Whislter sometimes); plus, Alta/Snowbird; Brighton/Solitude benefit from instability showers, lake effect snow that follows the initial cold front, esp w NW flow. p city can do better when the flow is from the SW —– a la this past Sunday’s storm dropped 12 inches at Alta/Bird while D Valley saw 15 inches.

    • Peeter says:

      Little cottonwood gets hands down WAY more than PC, the Canyons, or Deer valley. By the time the storm passes through Big and Little cottonwood, alot of moisture is already gone. Having had a pass at Snowbird and the Canyons, I can tell you I would roll in on a storm day to the Canyons and ski what I thought was “deep” and then goto Snowbird, ski tiger all day and have waist to chest deep blower. It IS possible.

  9. Diggy says:

    Hemlock Valley Resort, BC had 1138cm 2010/2011

  10. shaun says:

    revelstoke doesn’t make the list?

    • asshole says:

      Must be because from the top of the gondola to the base SUCKS! it is worst the Pennsylvania resorts.

      to be honest, from half way down the stoke chair it SUCKS.

  11. heidi says:

    I am really surprised about Winter Park – is that WP, CO?
    Also, what about Silverton?

  12. jake says:

    pretty sure niseko and hakuba get WAY more like around the 600 inch range. also targhee gets more than jackson.

  13. Enrique says:

    Alpine and Sierra at Tahoe get like 6,500 inches annually, and they aren’t even on the list. Man this list really sucks! Six thousand five hundred inches!! I know because I research snow averages daily and I’m an expert, way better than you.

  14. dirty says:

    you need to do a list of top 20 or 100 trail names. I can’t find this anywhere.

  15. Jackson says:

    Jay peak baby the only thing keeping the east from going crazy

  16. brian says:

    i feel like the targhee/JH numbers are more indicative of strategic reporting than actual snowfall. its pretty much common knowledge that targhee gets more snow

    also it seems like these averages dont get updated very often. for most of these mountains, last years numbers should bump up the averages significantly, whether theyre 5 or even 10 year figures

  17. Wolfey says:

    Wow. Someone is hating on Colorado.

  18. AGB says:

    Revelstoke and Kicking Horse perhaps
    Banff also not a ski resort….lake Louise, Sunshine and Norquay wold be though.

    • Anonymous says:

      Revelstoke gets lots of snow but the resort itself not as much. They put it on the wrong mountain!!!!

  19. Dave D says:

    Alyeska annual snowfall is 657. Not sure where the 600 came from.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Jackson does not get 500. Squaw at 450 is bullshit as well

  21. Rodrigo says:

    It’s a litle bit too optimistic to say that Chilean ski resort get most of the snow in South America when they are way up in the north of most of Argentinian ski resorts. They are great ski resorts but the get less snow than Argentina, mainly Cerro Castor in Ushuaia which has snow from mid June til first days of October.

  22. Jc says:

    Thompson Pass, Alaska – About 600″ per season. Record is 974″ in one season. Record snow in one day is 62″. Obviously it’s not a resort, Thank Ullr, but it is a backcountry skiing/snowboarding and snowmachiners heaven.

  23. VTPyzon says:

    Smugglers Notch gets 322″ average annual snow fall. Most unrated in the east.

    • snowmonster says:

      Ssshhh…let them go to Jay. No use getting the word out. There’s enough competition on a powder day!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Banff – 400″ ?? U sure that shouldn’t be CM?
    JH = 500? No
    Solitude = 500, Brighton = 381 ????

  25. Todd Mansfield says:

    I can make a list with random numbers on it to. Did someone put numbers in a hat and draw them out and match to a ski hill?

  26. Ryan says:

    Crystal Resort in Washington gets 486 avg.

  27. lie with statistics says:

    Sugar Bowl gets north of 500 inches per year, which bumps it up the list, and Alpine Meadows gets about 10% more than Squaw and is missing from the list. Kirkwood gets more than Squaw as well.

  28. Mike says:

    The Japan numbers are so low it’s perfect. Under rated for sure

    • hirafu says:

      Niseko, Rusutsu, Kiroro, and probably Moiwa too should be just under Washington and Alaska and above Utah

  29. Joel says:

    Wolf Creek’s annual avg: 465 Natural Inches of fluffy goodness.

  30. jess says:

    that is a terribly inncurate, incorrect list.

  31. MD says:

    Silverton, Monarch, Irwin??? There are definitely resorts in SA that get more snow than Valle Nevado and Portillo. No Alps???

  32. MD says:

    Bridger bowl too! Who put this list together?

    • Never Bridger says:

      Never snows at bridger, thats why I drive all the way to Big Sky everyday from bozeman! And even if it did snow, they expect you to hike to anything worth skiing! Plus they expect you to carry avalanche gear, and I hear the transceiver signal could totally fuck up my cell reception so theres no way I’m doing that!

  33. anthony PLante says:

    Revelstoke Bc around 14 -15 meters

  34. Young punk says:

    I call bs on the three resorts that “average” the nice round number of 500 inches

  35. Whistler Blackcomb (without an ‘e’ on the end!) has a ten year average of 462 inches / 11.73m of snow per year.

  36. Fi says:

    Ummmm Europe???!! Where art tho?! Thank good was for chamonix

  37. guy says:

    Just like push-up bras and fake titties, once again the U.S. dominates at stretching the truth to make up all of the top 10.

  38. Truth says:

    The truth is none of these measurements are all that accurate most if not all come from mountain marketing. Most of the time they look for the biggest snow drift on the mountain and measure. Total B.S. on Bridger Bowl and Big Sky they measure in the Montanta Foot which is equivalent to 4-6 inches.

  39. Alonso says:

    Dude, I’m sure that Nevados de Chillan gets more snow than Valle Nevado and Portillo in a regular year.

  40. Andrew says:

    Revelstoke should 100% be on this list .. top 5 if not #1. They boast 60 ft….

  41. steve cuff says:

    I think Niseko in Japan get more that what you have listed here, if you have ever been there you will know, but it seems to snow for weeks on end….

  42. Campbell Cassidy says:

    Kinda looks like there might be a bit of ‘spin’ in the way North American resorts measure and report their snowfall….Cham (home for me) is the only non NA resort in the top 20? Either our secret stash system is working too well or there is a few feet of bullshit in these numbers….

  43. Reality says:

    Snowfall totals for Utah resorts are deceiving. The low water ratios give it a huge bump, when in reality they get much less snow than Tahoe. Three feet of pow in Utah gets flattened out to like three inches. Three feet in Tahoe flattens out to like a foot and a half. Its all about the base. Likewise, three feet in Utah skis like three inches of pow in Tahoe- you can feel every bump underneath. To sum up, skiing in Tahoe is wayyyy better than Utah. Fact. Wear it.

  44. Frank says:

    ‘Murica! Owning the list!!

  45. Noonan says:

    Revy, seriously! That place gets stupid snow every year and needs to be on this list. Realistically probably top 5

  46. Big L says:

    How the hell did you guys miss Gulmarg on this list?? Annual snowfall is around 14 meters (550″) with the highest amount recorded in 2004-2005 with 787″.

  47. Billy Rankin says:

    Irwin Snowcat Skiing outside of Crested Butte Colorado Should be on this list

  48. Anonymous says:

    We don’t get snow here in Revy! Heli-Skiing and the resort is crap just like this list!

  49. skierpauli says:

    While a few miles can make a difference in snowfall amounts, to say there is a 119 inch diffence between Brighton and Solitude is absolutely incorrect. For all practical purposes they are an interchangeable ski area. It is understandable to assume a few inches differencem, but one getting 30% more? Not a chance in Fresno.

  50. Joe says:

    where are these numbers from? Wolf Creek averages way more than 379″. More like 500″ Winter Park wishes they still averaged 369″.

  51. Flyboy22 says:

    Revelstoke BC

  52. Anonymous says:

    Niseko numbers are off by a fair bit. Have lived in Niseko for 10 years, and never seen lower than 11m, with avg around 14-15m.

  53. TahoeSucks says:

    I hope every single person bragging about tahoe is enjoying their winter. How many inches of rain does a foot of Utah snow equal?

  54. r cole says:

    Ummm Lookout Pass , Idaho/Montana averages 400 inches of snowfall per/season..Where’s it at ? Glaring omission !!


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