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“It felt great when my wheels touch the ground because I don’t think my body could have handled another hit. It wasn’t easy, I knocked myself out a couple times but I finally accomplished what I’ve been trying to do for years.” - Paul B

This video really makes you appreciate what this guy went thru to get this double.  Watching him wipe out over and over on his face forces you to realize how tough this trick was to pull off.

 You’ve gotta have brass balls to try a trick like this on dirt.  That dirt doesn’t give to much when you face plant into it, huh?

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  1. Miles Clark says:

    That opening quote says it all. Don’t think I’da pulled thru those initial head injuries to try it again. impressive.

  2. Bullthit says:

    “Finally accomplished what I have been trying for years”

    - Fucking up another part of the southern utah desert? Good Job!

  3. John W says:

    Today Insanity
    They better have good Health & life insurance.

  4. YearsBehind says:

    In skiing or snowboarding, a man made jump doesn’t count as “natural terrain” just because it’s outside the ski area boundary. Watch guys like Sean Pettit or Nicolas Muller hit snow features, no man made take offs 100% natural. THAT is natural terrain. Sounds like mountain biking is still a couple years behind…

  5. Internet Tough Guy says:

    Sponsored by Teva.
    LOL @ Teva for trying to get into the DH/Freeride mountain bike market. Nothing is going to come close to Five Ten. They’re just wasting their time and money. Hell, I’d rather ride on an old pair of Vans than Teva.

  6. J-TRO says:

    Well that’s two things I’m not doing on my mountain bike this summer: insane backflips and walking it up the mountain.

  7. ot says:

    mountain biking is now aerials

  8. Paul Winter says:

    Lame. We may as well strip-mine the area if this is how you are going to treat it.

  9. brian says:

    piling up some rocks and dirt in the middle of the desert is hardly destroying nature, and to compare it to strip mining is retarded. even if they leave that stuff as is, it will completely vanish in a rainstorm or two.

    of course, as sick as it was, it wasnt natural terrain. though, in his defense, it would be a miracle to find something that you could double flip off of that you could also land and not die. snow totally changes the situation for skiers and snowboarders.. you can basically land anywhere and be ok

  10. Powdaboy says:

    Paul Winter pull the tampon out of your pussie

  11. Big Timer says:

    Nice Paul…way to represent. G-Ville What!!!!!

  12. using not one but two doubled combined, sewed leather-based


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