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This news clip looks straight out of Anchorman- part of me actually wonders if they cut back to Ron Burgundy after it ends. The 1986 news clip- presumably from a Denver station, features the World Snowboard Classic from Brekenridge. There’s some classic footage in here, particularly the early halfpipe stuff. The interview with Tom Sims is pretty mint as well. However, most notable is the commentators observation that, “Nobody’s Going to Get Rich Snowboarding.” I believe there are some people today that would beg to differ.


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  1. Zack says:

    moondogie and gidget!

  2. iamsaws says:

    Who the hell says “rip it up dude?”

  3. Ian says:

    Holy shit. I am so glad I was too young to remember the 80′s.

  4. Jake Burton says:

    Poor Tom Sims. Maybe if he hadn’t smoked & sniffed his earnings away, He’d be rich right now.

    • chuch norris says:


    • TOM SIMS says:

      Jake Burton Carpenter, If that is indeed you that made the factual errors in your post it is very concerning yet understandable, since you have been making inaccurate and disparaging statements about SIMS since 1981, when you first realized SIMS was the biggest threat against your desire for WORLD domination of the sport of snowboarding.

      My 3 children and my 2 step daughters will likely see your post which is unfortunate, but I know you feel empowered because your lies about me have worked in the past to enrich your company.

      I lost 3 surfing friends (dead) to Cocaine in the 70′s and 80′s, and I have been a strong opponent of one of the nastiest and addicting drugs ever from day one. Even my once talented team rider Allen Arnbrister was destroyed by freebasing coke, so lay off with the ongoing lies.

      Get your facts straight someday.

      • Rachelle says:

        Allen, there is a name I haven’t heard in forever. Destroyed is right, and tragedy it is. He was married to someone very close to me. :(

  5. -RT... says:

    Some footage of this comp was in Greg Stumps 1986 “Maltese Flamingo”.

    @1:45 – That’s Shaun Palmer

  6. SeanCroz says:


  7. dingosean says:

    Soooo anyone want to go halfpiping?


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