dirtbag skier

this guy with the double eyewear…isn’t 1 pair enough?

10 Qualifications to be a Dirtbag Skier

  1. Have to drive a pre-outback Subaru
  2. Must have sleeping arrangements in vehicle, back of truck bed, VW westfalia etc.
  3. Duct Tape to Gear Ratio exceeding 2 to 1
  4. You have to know everything about everything mountain
  5. Your lunch consists of free saltines mixed with ketchup, mayo, and mustard
  6. Lots of knowledge about all the cool new gear, but no motivation to earn, buy, or attain such items 
  7. Weed before rent
  8. You stomp and rage on any visitors in your way (Jackson has the shoulder chip on the way to 4 pines)
  9. Instead of being “over it” you claim that you are “under it” because you are so low key that you are behind the scenes.
  10. Claiming that you are a “local” in a transient ski town, when your birth certificate says Joey Doucher P.O.B Potsdam, NY

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  1. Jack Louis Cote says:

    lots of DB’s around these days, I guess working is overrated, and if you are old and lame you can just tour everywhere and act like you are better than everyone, isn’t being a dirtbag skier for young people?

    • winning says:

      did you just comment first on your own article?

    • Rail Tycoon says:

      for young people, kinda like making a list out of F’ING EVERYTHING!!!

      stop it already

      we want more “Soul Shredding” and Brennan, a whole lot less point-less BS

      quality over quanitity e.g. Doglotion and Point of Release

      get it together Captain Tim, this site is taking a dive and that makes me sad

  2. SLUzer says:

    haha potsdam

  3. anon says:

    wish i was a db skier.

  4. LocalJoeyDoucher says:

    Agree with Rail Tycoon. This site reads like it was written my peeps who failed middle school. Lame content, poorly written, and misspellings in the age of auto spellcheck? “Qualafacations,” for real?

    Tighten. It. Up!

  5. Steve says:

    #1 not knowing how to spell “qualiFICations”.

  6. rob says:

    I just got dumber.

  7. steve says:

    we used to clip tickets from people who were leaving early and catch the afternoon now i’m old and lame and scrounge for the cheapest pass possible. Notice the angst above as the piece resonates with the resident dirtbags, ha ha

  8. thew says:

    Agreed with others ab out this site going downhill. As far as this lame ass waste of a list, I gotta call bullshit on the first 2. Onld school Subaru’s, like the GL wagon are amongst the few vehicles that can get you just about anywhere no matter what the roads are like. Secondly, being prepped to have to camp out in the car is just smart planning, especially if you’re planning on hitting the back country! I’d rather be able to sleep in the back of an old GL in control, than in a ford explorer in the ditch ANY F’N DAY!
    All it takes to be a dirtbag is to act like it is “your” mountain, or that you are the shit and everyone else needs to just get out of the way. We’re all on the hill for the same reason, get over dogging others for their style, their choice to ride or twin stick it, whatever the hell your choice is.

    • _________ says:

      Have you seen how much traffic this website is getting? It’s nuts!!!!!

      They are getting between 15,000-20,000 people visiting this site per day.

      It really pisses me off.

  9. JLC says:

    If my name was Jack Louis Cote, I wouldn’t write it out

  10. smellntrees says:

    this guy doesn’t like snow-sliders. check out this other local hatin article http://unofficialnetworks.com/jaded-locals-71239/

  11. JayT says:

    Uh-oh, sounds like the trustafarians are getting upset.

  12. Joey Doucher says:

    Now that’s what’s up.

  13. Anonymous says:

    All you f’n yuppie poseurs must die! My guess is the guy who wrote this drives a new subaru, telemarks with releasable ntn bindings only, will only wear arcteryx, and tells everyone hes a climber or a boater. You yuppie pos’

  14. Anonymous says:

    All you f’n yuppie poseurs must die! My guess is the guy who wrote this drives a new subaru, telemarks with releasable ntn bindings only, will only wear arcteryx, and tells everyone hes a climber or a boater. You yuppie pos’s have so much to prove it is dripping off of you. You would probably turn down a joint if it were passed to you, you effing poseur!

  15. A G says:

    All you F’N yuppie poseurs must eventually die, right?

    10 to 1 odds that the guy who wrote this drives a 2013 Subaru Outback, telemarks but only with NTN releaseable bindings, will only wear outwear by ArcTeryx, and tells everyone that he is a “climber” or “boater.”

    You yuppie poseur POS’s have sooo much to prove it is dripping off of you.

    Your negative ammount of cool is compounded by the fact that you would probably follow someone to a smoke shack, and then turn down a joint when it was passed to you, you FF’N poseur!!!

    p.s. dirtbags obviously ski faster and with more style than you yuppies…hence your “small sack syndromes”

  16. Anonymous says:

    the picture is the bridger bowl dirtbag poster from 3 years ago of our gm

  17. Hoodlum Priest says:

    #2 should not include the VW Westfalia. No true dirtbag would have the cash to keep one of those breathing. Maybe it got passed down to you from pops or your hippie aunt, but in 2012, the Westy is no penniless, dirtbag mobile.

  18. Hmmmm says:

    Sounds like all the bellmen at resort at Squaw Creek.

  19. Originally from Upstate New York says:

    Hey Jack. Do a little fact finding before you call out a region. Chances are you suprised how many “Douchers” from upstate New York can out-ski you. I orginally hale from Upstate, and have been featured on the over of Ski, Skiing, and Powder in the last 10 years. And as far as Postdam Ny is concerned, Rob and Scott Gaffney, two of the most influential skiers of the last 20 years, grew up in Postdam. If your not familiar with them, check out an MSP film sometime, or look them up in Squaw Valley.


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